Dutch New Year's Receptions (2004-2019)

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TRH arriving for the New Year reception for the Corps Diplomatique and International Organisations,Noordeinde Palace this morning.

ANP Beeldbank

Courtesy Frank van Beek
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aww, i love maxima's coat. the hair needs however some polishing. she looks a bit tired: maybe she didn't yet recover from the dubai jetllag?
I really enjoyed seeing these photos. Queen Beatrix looked fantastic!
The pictures for this event were posted in 5 different threads, so I moved them all to a new one.
From our blog:

New Year Reception At the Royal Palace in Amsterdam

After a period of two years Queen Beatrix was finally able to hold the annual new year’s receptions at the Royal Palace on Dam square in Amsterdam again. The previous two years the reception was held at Noordeinde Palace due to the extensive renovation of the palace in Amsterdam. This summer however the renovation of the inside of the palace was completed, though there are still some works done to the exterior of the palace.
Today and tomorrow the queen will receive hundreds of guests. This afternoon is reserved for the Dutch guests, most of whom play an important role in politics and in various sectors of Dutch society, while tomorrow morning the queen will receive members of the Corpse Diplomatique and the various international organisations.
Woohoo! Two days of new year's receptions and we finally have a photo: http://www.ppe-agency.com/500px/Jan2010/PPE10010602.jpg

Máxima in a car with a recycled Natan suit (surprise).

And WA playing with his blackberry:



Since the exterior of the palace is still getting restaured, there are fences around the palace. The royals got out of the car behind the fences, out of sight for onlookers and photographers. What a difference with Denmark and even Belgium! I understand that they don't want gala attire but a few pictures of the reception won't hurt. I don't see why it all has to be so 'closed', we havent seen new pictures of triple A. since the summer for example (compare that of all the time we see Christian, Leonor, Ingrid and even Elisabeth)!
I read that yeserday aid workers from Apeldoorn, Schoorl (Dune fires), Hoek van Holland (party crowd started atacking the police) and the Turkish Airways crash were invited. I think that it is nice to invite people who do the job instead of just all the officials!

The reception for the corps diplomatique at least gives more interesting pictures of the guests, who often are dressed in their country's traditional attire:


A picture of the palace, a big mess: http://www.ppe-agency.com/500px/Jan2010/PPE10010610.jpg
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A gallery of pictures of the last NY reception:

PPE Agency

HM looks very well, full of energy.
Dutch royal family leaving at the New Years reception at the Palace in Amsterdam.
PPE Agency
Queen Beatrix, Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander at the New Years reception for the Corps Diplomatique at the Palace op de Dam in Amsterdam.
January 12, 2011

PPE Agency Amsterdam
HM will host New Year receptions for several hundred representatives of the Dutch society on tuesday the 17th-,and a reception for the Corps Diplomatique and Members of International Organisations on wednesday the 18th of january at Royal Palace,Amsterdam.

TRH The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima as well as HRH Princess Margriet and Prof.mr.Pieter van Vollenhoven will be in attendance.

Yesterday, January 14, Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Crown Princess Máxima and Pieter van Vollenhoven received ambassadors, permanent representatives of international organisations and general consuls. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation were present as well.

Its strange seeing Prof.Pieter van Vollenhoven without his wife at these events!
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The website of the royal house released a clip of yesterday's reception. Focussing on the guests, esp. on people from the 'building sector'':

Nieuwjaarsontvangsten Koning en Koningin - YouTube

Nice that the king continues to open the curtains a bit further than his mother did. Hopefully in the future they will release some images of the gala for the corps diplomatique too, which is supposed to be a tiara event.

Edit: the press does not agree. They call it 'censorship' as the RVD released their own clip but did not allow the journalists to be present.

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