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I remember there being Debutante Balls here in NZ, at least until the 1960s, where young ladies would be presented to the Bishop, or in smaller centres to a Member of Parliament, a local dignitary or other guest of honour.
I remember the photos published in the paper of the girls all in their white gowns and long gloves; and remember a friend of my parents' being so proud to see his daughter grown up and conducting herself accordingly.
All very graceful and elegant.
Yes, there were Deb presentations in Australia as well in that time period, until the early 1970's I believe. Often in smaller country towns it would be the Mayor and Mayoress of the town doing the honours, and it would be featured in the local newspaper.
Although the idea of debutantes and society presentations and such have long gone the way of the dinosaur and are considered to be quite anachronistic in respect to today's instant global society, I can't help but wish that the elegance and the manners and the pride behind being a "deb" and "coming out" had found an expression in our modern world. Sometimes ditching old, familiar traditions and values for more "updated" ones isn't the wisest way to go.
1920 Debutantes arrive at Buckingham Palace
Astounding to think these Women were just eighteen years old...yet the frightful 'caked' makeup makes even the 'youngest looking' look twice that age...
I think it would be nice if they’re was still a debutante season.

Lady Amelia Windsor took part in a Paris ball a few years back
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was still a debutante season.

In London the 'Season' was certainly limping on in 1981, when my Sister 'was brought out'.. My parents threw a dance at the 'Reform Club' [where my Father was a member], all the other debs came, and I and all the other 'chinless wonders' my Mother [who was herself a deb in 1954], and her friends knew, chaps from schools, etc, etc came to dance. BIG 'breakfast' at 1.30 am , more dancing then 'carriages' at 6.00 am.
All the usual sporting events figured, Ascot, Wimbledon, well as all the parties thrown for other girls 'coming out that year', and lots of people 'paired up' and some married [including my sister] , in exactly the way 'the season' was always intended to facilitate. IIRC it lasted about three Months, early June until early August.
No idea if it still goes on.
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I think it goes on in a very diminished form, in much the way that you've described, for the people who have the money and can afford it, not necessarily the traditional English families that once participated. I think Queen Charlotte's Ball (curtseying to the Cake etc) is still popular. I read a while ago that girls from very wealthy Russian families resident in London often take part.
The Honourable Monica Grenfell, the eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Desborough, was pictured in the Lady's vRealm as a debutante in 1911.
These days, it’s not a traditional débute in terms of guests, it is a mix of some aristocrats and royals, some celebrities children, some businessmen and oligarchs kids, etc. unlike in previous centuries, particularly the Le Bal Paris but a lot of these are for charity. I doubt most of them will marry each other.
64th Magyar Ball Debutante Waltz in 2020
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