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Hi! In another thread I saw Prince Joachim promoting a book about Queen Ingrid?
Could anyone tell me if this book is in English? Could anyone recommend good books about the DRF in english?

Many thanks,
Linda 85:)
I would like know some books about the Danish Royals (in English) as well. So far, all the books I have found on them are in Danish. Such as Huset Glucksborg, Det Glücksborgske Kongehus, Christian IX (Konge af Danmark) etc.
Hmm... I found a PDF leaflet from the Danish Foreign Department:

The Queen and her Country

I know this isn't what you thought of, but I'll try to see if there are any particular books in English, aside from the one about Mary, and Queen Alexandra.
Great find Norwegianne!
Thanks alot.
“Prinsesse Benedikte, prinsessen i midten”
by Randi Buchwaldt (Author)
Text: Danish
Publisher: Forenede udgivere; 1. udg edition
ISBN-10: 8790065034
ISBN-13: 978-8790065034

“Tre sma prinsesser : Prinsesse Margrethe, prinsesse Benedikte, prinsesse Anne-Ma”
Publisher: T. Beck

“Three Danish princesses: Princess Margrethe, Princess Benedikte, Princess Anne-Marie”
by Ebba Neergaard (Author)
Publisher: T. Beck
Language: English
ASIN: B0007JN57E

Título: Dronning Ingrid

Título: Margrethe

Título: Anne-Marie - dronning uden rige

Título: Mette Bacher - Benedikte - Prinsesse til Danmark

Título: Bo Østlund - Dronning Ingrid 1910-2000

Título: Jørgen Kølle - Dronning Ingrid - Sønderjydernes dronning

Merete Wilkenschildt - Kongelige bryllupper i Danmark gennem 500 år


Title: Dronning Ingrid


Title: Margrethe


Title: Anne-Marie - dronning uden rige


Title: Mette Bacher - Benedikte - Prinsesse til Danmark


Title: Bo Østlund - Dronning Ingrid 1910-2000


Title: Jørgen Kølle - Dronning Ingrid - Sønderjydernes dronning


Title: Merete Wilkenschildt - Kongelige bryllupper i Danmark gennem 500 år


Title: Amalienborg


Book in english:

Title: Queen In Denmark: Margrethe II talks about her life
Paperback: 169 pages
Publisher: Gyldendal
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-8701086226
Amazon.com: Queen In Denmark: Margrethe II talks about her life: Books


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Title: Helt Magnifique!
by HKH Prins Henrik
Price: EUR 46,99
Publisher: Forlaget Nostra
Released: 13-11-2007
Language: Danish
ISBN: 8791002079
ISBN-13: 9788791002076
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Thanks frank22

This is a book I most certainly will buy - and not least - try some of the recipes Prince Henrik present in the book of French cooking in the 16'th century.

He has my toast for this enrichment to the danish taste buds:flowers:
“Juvelerne i det danske kongehus”
Author: Bjarne steen jensen
Publisher: Saxo, Denmark
This book is about the royal jewels of Denmark queens.

"Intimité royale : Album privé de Son Altesse Royale le Prince Henrik de Danemark"
Author: Henrik de Danemark, Viguié Desplaces
Editions du Félin, France
10 juin 2004
This is an album of prince Henrik of Denmark.

Other interesting books:

by Johanne Pontoppidan Tuxen and Camilla Høy-Jensen
Book about Alexandra of Denmark.

“Destin oblige”
by Prince Henrik (Auteur), Philippe Viguié Desplaces (Auteur)
This is the official biography of Prince Henrik of Denmark.
Editeur: Olivier Orban
ISBN: 978-2259182324

“Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark”
by Karin Palshoj (Author), Gitte Redder (Author)
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
April 30, 2006
ISBN: 978-1741147490

“Something About Mary: From Girl About Town to Crown Princess”
by Emma Tom (Author)
Publisher: Pluto Press Australia
ISBN: 978-1864032734

“King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark” (In Memoriam, 5)
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Jess, or anyone for that matter, ever purchased one of these yearbooks before? I was thinking about adding one to my royal book collection, but if you or anyone else believes it's not worth the asking, I might as well wait till someone sells a used one on Ebay for $2.00.
Marie Cavallier by John Lindskog

A book on Marie Cavallier's life prior to the wedding will be on sale from April 30th. Author is John Lindskog, and it will be published on People's Press. John Lindskog has previously been a journalist with Ekstra Bladet, Information, Billed-Bladet & Se og Hør, and published several books prior to this one.

Apparently the book also covers the divorce between Joachim and Alexandra.

Ny bog: Sandheden om Joachim og Alexandras skilsmisse
[url=http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj201/kategt2/Prince%20Joachim%20and%20Princess%20Marie%20of%20Denmark/mariethefrenchprincess.jpg]Here[/URL] is the cover of the new book Marie Cavallier: The French Princess by John Lindskog. The book is 220 pages long which is pretty standard. Apparently, body lotion comes with it if you are a Billed Bladet club member so I one will have soft skin whilst reading this new book. Hopefully, I will be able to get the book if it is published in French (which is a heck of a lot better than my Danish... obviously.;):))
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I've managed to get through the book, and while it was an interesting read - however for anybody who has been reading Billedbladet, Se & Hør, or in any other way been following Marie and Joachim's relationship - it doesn't offer much new things about Marie or Joachim. I don't regret getting it, because it does give a nice overview of the process, which will be nice to have, but it doesn't bring much new things to the table.

I liked that the author did name his source inside the Palace from Joachim and Frederik's childhood/youth, though.

He could have spared himself with the chapter/list comparing Mary and Marie, though.
Interesting, thank you Norweiganne. I would like to somehow buy a copy of the book to add to my royal book collection even if the book is below average.
How big a readership would a book like this have in Denmark??? Is there anyway anyone could give me some idea???
I'm just curious because the only royalty books seen (as a general rule) in NZ are still Princess Di ones, with the occassional more generalised (British) RF one, or HM the Queen too I guess
3 Søstre (3 sisters) - Jon Bloch Skipper

I just got this book today. It is basically a conversation book, in which the author interviews Queen Margrethe, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie. He has them discussing their childhood based on the pictures he has retrieved from the royal collections

The conversation between the sisters move quickly, and as he also points out, you clearly get the feeling that the sisters each have a role in the family. Margrethe is definitely the most talkative one, and Benedikte seems quite content a lot of the time to be the middle child and let her sisters talk.

It felt a bit superfluous to me, the constant pointing out they did with the age difference between them, but I think that's probably something that is different in live conversation than it comes out on page.

The pictures, and the histories, are things that make this book well worth a peek. A young Queen Margrethe dressed up as Queen Juliane in a costume drama, a young Princess Benedikte dressed up in the Ruby parure that Mary now wears, as Queen Désirée of Sweden, and the youngest, Anne-Marie left with the part of playing Désirée's son, Oscar. :ROFLMAO:

All in all, I do think it could have been edited more, and for some it may not be asking critical enough questions (or receiving answers to the ones that are asked, such as if there has been trouble in the marriages...) But it was a fun read, and so much better getting the tales from the 1st hand source, so to speak.

I'm very glad I picked it up. :flowers:
Sounds like an interesting read norwegianne - is the book available in English, or just Danish?
It felt a bit superfluous to me, the constant pointing out they did with the age difference between them, but I think that's probably something that is different in live conversation than it comes out on page.

All in all, I do think it could have been edited more, and for some it may not be asking critical enough questions (or receiving answers to the ones that are asked, such as if there has been trouble in the marriages...) But it was a fun read, and so much better getting the tales from the 1st hand source, so to speak.

Jon Bloch Skipper is a historian and knows his royalty stuff. He is
also a good writer as he proved in his book on King Frederik.

This time -as an interviewer - he is a tad too deferential for my taste,
but that is probably how it works! The sisters are side-stepping
anything remotely controversial, like for instance the relationship
with other RFs. There isn't much to add to Norwegianne's post;
the constant mentioning of the age difference is tedious and so
is the recurring talk about their coloured wolly cardigans for school!

IMO the author has been careful to record and take down the
interaction and dynamics between the sisters. Another interesting
point is how esp. HM tells about her childhood aversion to any "fairy-
tale princessy stuff", and how their titles were perceived as a
natural part of their name (at school and other childhood venues).
It really shows that the sisters were very much aware of their station!
sorry, what is the name of the book that recently came out talking not so nice about the family?
Does anyone know if any books have been written or are in the process of being written about Princess Marie? I have tried searching on Amazon, but have not been able to find anything.
There is only one book at this time by John Lindskog entitled Marie Cavallier published several months ago. It's in Danish.

Discussion about the book is located here
Are there any books out there in English that cover Christian IX and his descendants? I have "A Royal Family" on DVD, and I was just wondering if there was a book that the series was based on or that accompanied the series?
Thanks in advance for any help!
Denmark: "Royal Travels – Behind the Scenes with the Monarchy" 2009

Billedbladet.dk has a report about Queen Margrethe and a possible abdiction. It says that there are no plans for an abdiction.

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