Crown Princess Victoria's Maternity Fashion: August 2011 -

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I remember the kermot color being in fashion back in the early 90's, so it's probably making a comeback. I like it!
The green dress is lovely, the color is so pretty and summery. I like the fact she wore it to such an event.
Thank you so much! That is such a pretty shade of blue. The sparkles are a great addition, because the dress is simple otherwise. Would love to see this one make another appearance.
Anything would be better than the white and green sacks!

What happened? She announces she's pregnant and suddenly she goes out and buys a whole range of multi-coloured shapeless sacks? Come on Victoria! Now is your time to shine no skulk around in sacks.

If this is any indicator of her early pregnancy outfits I can only imagine that by the time she reaches six months she'll be wearing giant MuuMuu's. Hawaiian Dresses, Aloha Muumuu Red: Clothing
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I like the hairdo and the shoes, but the dress is ugly, IMO. I don´t like these shapeless dresses she´s wearing so much lately.
While I like the outfit, the snakeskin shoes are plain horrible, they dont match the dress at all, awful.
LOL I like the shoes but dress is just an okay. I like that she's done something different with her hair.
I like the overall appearance but minus the heels which don't match in anyway. In general, the overall appearance could've been a bit more formal for this event, her outfit would've looked great at an event in fall or late summer in Sweden.
Victoria today at Haakon´s and Mette-Marit´s 10th wedding anniversary church service, at the Oslo Cathedral.
She looks very nice and appropriate fo a church service.
Hairdo is lovely
Snakeskin bag and shoes.

Love the hair and the dress is gorgeous, not so keen on the shoes or bag though. And are my eyes playing tricks again or can I see a little belly? if so thank you Victoria for not always wearing tent style dresses.:flowers::)
I like the overall appearance, minus the snakeskin shoes and bag. They have nothing to do with the outfit. Really love her hair do as well.
I like her hair and dress. Victoria looks really great.
I like the outfit , shoes and her hair too. It is her style to wearing ( her hair) like this, and it's OK :)
She looks very happy and relax, and I'm sure she gonna be a great mommy :flowers: :fireworks:
I've seen a video of victoria in the dress, and she is really in this dress. The dress looks better on video than in the pictures =)
The dress is cute.I love those shoes.I finally get to see the bump!
That blue dress must be very pretty.
The dress has a nice detail of ruffles or something around the neck... the coat would look better if it had some of the same details... like at the cuffs maybe? Can't wait to see what she chooses to wear over the next few months as the baby grows ;)
It's a bit of a tent and still too short an IMO. But she's so radiant with happiness that you can't focus on anything but her smile. Love that bracelet.
I like it. It's simple and elegant. At least not another Gretna dress with dots on it. I actually like the Gretna dresses but I saw them too often recently. She looks so happy and relaxed. Great to see. Very cute.
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