Crown Princely Couple on Twitter and Facebook

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I wish it was in English.
What is the twitter? I can't understand it.
i don't know what people see on twitter and hi5.:bang:
What is the twitter? I can't understand it.

It is a social networking site where people give up to the minute accounts of what they are doing. Queen Rania has one. Didn't know MM and Haakon had one. :flowers:
where was their facebook picture taken? it looks like new york, but when?
i didn't know they twittered, although unfortunately i can't understand - it seems however more like daily updates on the events they go to rather than what rania does, with personal experiences and opinions?
On twitter when it says; KPH, KPM or KPP then they are twittering themselves, when there is no such marking someone is twittering on their behalf.

I've added three twitters with translations.

From nov. 9th:

Kronprinsen er til stede ved World Economic Forums India Summit i New Delhi. På agendaen står likestilling i India. World Economic Forum - Home.

The Crown Prince is present at World Economic Forums India Summit in New Delhi. On the agenda are equal rights (between male-female) in India.

From nov. 6th:

Kpp: Vi har besøkt prosjektet FRI i Drammen for tidligere innsatte. Fantastisk møte med modige, livserfarne mennesker.

Crown Prince Couple: We have visited the project FRI in Drammen, for earlier inmates. Fantastic meeting with brave, life-experienced people.

From Nov. 6th:

KPH: Jeg har laget "klimabeat" på "Lyden av et klimavennlig Norge". Bli med du og. Lyden av et klimavennlig Norge

Crown Prince Haakon: I’ve made a ”climema-beat” at "Lyden av et klimavennlig Norge". Join me.
Oh, thanks for your clarification Vestfoldlilja. Interesting to know
Aw, heck- I don't speak Norwegian, but I love MM so much I became a fan on Facebook anyway. :lol:
:previous: How sweet. It's simple, but the message is easy to understand. It's quite lovely to see the CP kids being involved to support their message.
Thanks alot for sharing!
It is a great video! Easy way to get the message.
I just did not recognize the man on the last slide of the video.
very nice video! such a nice initiative, maybe we will see them working on the field of young people inclusion?
It's a great video. It's a great idea to send out the message on FB. It's cute to see the kids being involved to support their message. I do not know who is the boy in the last slide of the video. Does anyone know who the boy is?
That's a nice video. It's simple, but the meaning is clear.
I thought it was a body guard :ohmy:
This man does not look like a boy of Marius age.
Anyway, it'd be great if there was an explanation why the "boy" was on the family video.
I only know that somene asked in a comment on their facebookpage who the boy was, and the reply was that he's a good friend of Marius.

I don't think he looks old at all, he looks to be around the same age Marius to me, he's clearly not an adult.
i thought he was the same age as marius (maybe a friend or perhaps a cousin?)
:previous: Well, I agree. To me he also doesn't look like a grown-up.
I would guess he's in Marius age. Not older then 14.
you can translate a page at put the url in the box, pick language you want to translate from and to then click translate and it will put the page in English.
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