Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde: Current Events Aug 2005-Sep 2005

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2nd August 2005 : Because of the death of king Fahd prince Philippe travels to Riyad (Saoudi Arabia) where king Abdullah welcomes the foreign delegations for his enthronement. Minister Sabine Laruelle accompanies the prince as representant of the federal government.

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1. Philippe and Mathilde on economic visit to Malaysia, 2002.

2. at one of their joyeuses entrées


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Thank you for the pictures Cathérine.:) I've never seen the picture from Malaysia before, and I just love the expression on Philippe's face in the picture from their joyeuses entrées.:) Also Philippe looks nice in the picture from Riyad.
"July 18th : prince Filip & princess Mathilde

Exhibition "Memling's portraits. Portrait art in the Renaissance" in Bruges"

Translation of a article from

Warm welcome for Philippe and Mathilde in the Groeningemuseum

BRUGES- Yesterday before noon prince Philippe and princess Mathilde visted the exhibition "Memling and the portrait" that's being held in the Groeningemuseum as part of the cityfestival Corpus 05 in Bruges.

At their arrival about fifty fans were awaiting them. The princes were welcomed by mayor Patrick Moenaert, deputy Jan Durnez (who replaces govenor Paul Breyne during his absence), the direction of the city's museums and Veerle Mans, director of Bruges Plus, that organizes Corpus 05. After their welcome princess Mathilde received a bouquet of flowers from Aïsha Verroest, the 5-year old daughter of Jan Verroest and Sarah Bouwens, head of the press and communication service of the city's museums. When they walked up to the gate that leads to the museum the princes spent about 15 minutes talking to the local people who had come to greet them.

Head curator Manfred Sellink tells: "This visit is the follower of earlier, private visits the princes made to Bruges. They visited several museums then and we were their guide. We pointed out the Memling exhibition to them at the time. This is probably what made the court contact us to arrange this visit."

Inside the museum the couple was first lead through the rooms of the old masters. It was after that that Sellink and Till-Holger Borchert, curator of the Groenigemuseum, took them to see the 30 portraits that form the acual exhibition. The princes stayed about an hour to look at these 30 works . The visit ended a bit after 11 a.m. in the room of the Flemish expressionists. they received a catalogue of the exhibition and signed the golden book of the city Bruges.

In the meawhile more than 100 people were waiting outside to see the royal couple, who took their time to talk to them. "Both Philippe and Mathilde seemed very interested" was Sellink's impression. So far more than 30,000 people have visited "Memling and the portrait". "We're well on scheme", Sellink adds to that, "our goal is to get 70,000 to 80,000 visitors.

Today prince Philippe will once gain pay a visit to our region, since he's visiting 't Gezelleke in Oostkamp.


I found a lot of photos from this visit, they were all made by Greet Teetaert.


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More photos of their visit to the Groeningemuseum


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And more ...


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more ..................


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Thank you very much for the translation and all the pictures Cathérine.:) It's nice to get some information from old visits, now that they're on vacation.
will there be any vacation pictures?
who are al those people at the second picture?
In the second page at the top is Don Duarte de Braganza. Below, are the dukes of Braganza kids, the nanny and the duchess of Braganza.
I can't open the pics either ... could you post them again please ?

Filip and Mathilde are god friends with Duarte and Isabel of Portugal (they would have been king and queen of Portugal if it wasn't a republic). Filip is the godfather of their youngest child.
Hannelore -- has that postcard arrived yet? I'm dying to hear about P & M :)!
Hannelore said:
I can't open the pics either ... could you post them again please ?

Filip and Mathilde are god friends with Duarte and Isabel of Portugal (they would have been king and queen of Portugal if it wasn't a republic). Filip is the godfather of their youngest child.

rchainho -- first, thank you for reposting the photos. I was able to open and enjoy them! Second, the reference to the postcard is just a small joke. I had asked if anyone knew where Phillippe and Mathilde were summering since I haven't seen them since National Day, and Hannelore said she didn't know but she'd let me know once she got a postcard from them!
ok emily. :)
The answer to Hannelore: The dukes of Braganza are the heirs of the Portuguese Throne, so if Portugal were Monarchy, they were kings.
Emily said:
Hannelore -- has that postcard arrived yet? I'm dying to hear about P & M :)!

hihi, I think it must have got lost in the mail - no way they forgot to write me one ;)
haha i don't know what phillipe is doing but mathilde is really looking scary,i'm glad she laughs more and i think phillipe to
are there not more pictures of there vacation??
and didn't phillippe and mathilde never kissed on there mouth??
1. Philippe & Mathilde at the inaugural mass of pope Benedictus XVI

2. visiting the Flemish village Ename


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Hello Catherine! Thank you for the photos. I especially like the one at the Vatican which shows, again, their complicity. As during the Christmas break, I miss seeing these two and look forward to their return from vacation!
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