CP Haakon's 37th birthday

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That dog is ever so cute, I want one. Anyone know what type it is?
37, the youngest of the CP's I believe.
Lovely photos! I'm glad MM managed to return for her husband's b-day!:)
Just one question here: where's Marius? :ermm:
That's what I was thinking, maybe he is with his father?
Great photos but I do miss Marius!
Maybe he is spending the summer with his dad.
The photos are sweet. Ingrid is so pretty.

Yes, he´s indeed with his father. A pity really - not that he sees his father, of course, but for the missed chance for us to be seeing him!
Well, having been seen the video I must say: naughty little prince!
Ingr. Alexandra has such a lovely singing voice already!
Wow, these kids are sooooo cute!!!
Sverre is a littel helion and very very very cute.
IA looks soooo pretty and ladylike!
Love all of them and missed Marius...
Maybe he is spending the summer with his dad.

I hope so! I mean, this is the only reasonable explanation. Cause I don't want to believe that Haakon excluded him from the photos!:eek: Anyway, I hope they enjoyed the b-day celebrations! Many happy returns to the CP!:flowers:

I agree, these dogs are so cute and quite funny!:lol:
Very nice pictures of the family. They appear to be so natural and happy. Sverre Magnus reminds me of his paternal grandfather, but he also resembles his mother, IMO. :flowers:
Can anyone please translate what they were talking about in the video?? Thanks in advance :flowers:
Very nice pictures of the family, thanks for posting them. :flowers:
I hope so! I mean, this is the only reasonable explanation. Cause I don't want to believe that Haakon excluded him from the photos!:eek:
No, he never did that, so why should he do it now? :flowers:
Marius is spending the summer with his father.

Good to see the children had a good day ;). They all looked quite relaxed.
Precious videos ! What a lovely perfect family, what a treat for me !
Adorable kids! I couldn't understand a word in the video but still enjoyed it. Sverre is a handful no doubt. I did miss Marius as well but hopefully he's having fun with his father.
The dog is a Portuguese Water Dog.
President Obama also has one of this...:flowers:

I thought I recognized it, Thank you very much for answering.
IA and Sverre are so lucky to have such a cute dog.
Great pictures and Video. I loved the way the kids seemed so natural with both parents. Prince Haakon is a natural father, I loved it then I-A was rubbing his head, he didn't seem to mind at all. Prince Sverre is a little handful, but so was I-A when she was about that age. Totally natural children, not at all like royal children used to be made to behave, I love it!!
Absolutely fantastic pictures. Thank you so much. This is my favorite royal family. They are so modern and tolerant and respectful. Hakoon and Mette-Marit look so happy and in love even almost after 10 years of marriages. The kids are so cute. Ingrid Alexandra will be such a beautiful woman one day. And Sverre is simply adorable. So sad that Marius wasn't around.
Great pictures! Sverre looks every day more and more adorable...And the dog is just so sweet. Haakon has a nice family and seems proud of it.

Happy biorthday to Haakon, hope he has a wonderful year ahead.
What a beautiful family. Love the pictures of Haakon as a baby!

I don't speak Norwegian but I think this section in the first article posted says that he's spending his summer holidays with his dad:

'Den eneste som manglet var Marius Borg Høiby. 13-åringen tilbringer nok akkurat denne sommerferieuken med pappa Morten Borg.'

I'd love to see new pictures of him, but these photoshoots must be really annoying especially at that age!
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