Christening of Prince Henrik: July 26, 2009

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the crown prince family has arrived!

Mary is gorgeous as usual! christian is really cute with his little suit! Isabella looks a bit tired but she's cute as well!
It sounds like Christian was speaking to the media, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone know who the woman is that is walking behind the CP couple? Is she a nanny?
NO headpiece for Mary, very surprising. Shame about Nikolai and Felix wearing the same suits they wore at Henriks birthday.
Can't wait for the pictures. :flowers:
Nikolai is here! His suit looks too big, but it's kind of cute.

Mary looks gorgeous, but she is also not wearing a headpiece. Little Isabella is so cute. I am surprised to see Christian in short trousers. It looks kind of strange, IMO.

Strange?For a kid his age?Don't think so.And,there's nothing wrong with the suits of Felix and Nicolai either,they've only worn them once.
Is that how often you folks wear a piece too?Once?....really!
The Crown Prince Couple, Queen Anne-Maria, Prince Nicholas and his partner and the rest of the royal family have arrived. Christian barely stopped to get his photo taken he just ran into the church!
Christian and Isabella is the most beautiful royal kids:)
Very nice that the way that Crownprincess is greeting Maries family.
The shorter pants just seemed a bit too casual for a church service, IMO. But if it is very warm, then I can understand.

Princess Alexandra's family is very charming, and Carina Axelsson looks lovely.
The royal car is on route to the church with the Queen, Prince Consort, Nikolai and Felix
Prince Joachim and Marie have left for church
Princess Isabella is adorable today!!!!!!! And I'm so happy that CP Mary is one of the godparents!!!!!! I'm really excited and I'm lookinf forward the name of the little prince
Isabella looks exactly like her father!! she's beautiful!

The little prince is on his way!!
I think Marie is wearing a cream outfit
The Royal Bus is on its way to the Church.

Am surprised Mrs Grassiot is not wearing a headpiece of some sort.

Im suprised Crown Princess Mary didnt wear a headpiece or hat. Really nice to see Fred and Mary take the children, its always nice to have children attened a christening.
The Queen, Prince Henrik, Nikolai and Felix are here.

You can see Frederik with the children in the church. Isabella is snacking on something, and Christian has a book. They are very cute.
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Marie looks beautiful! The Prince is adorable and Joachim looks very proud. A headpiece would have been nice
Joachim's sons are cute!

Marie is gorgeous with the baby sleeping in her arms!!
Marie looks wonderful and the little prince is just so cute!!!
Are none of the guests i mean Mary, Marie or the Queen wearing headpieces?
Has anyone got any pictures, even screenshots of the live streaming? :flowers:
Marie looks beautiful! I love the heart floral decorations on the church door. The baby's eyes are open now. He is so beautiful.
the baby is awake with his big beautiful eyes!!

he's so cute! only a faw minutes to go till his name!

Both parents look very proud!
The video works :flowers:
Maries outfits, grey isn't it :)
She does look wonderful. The church is beautifully decorated.
They are all seated in church. Joachim and Marie gave a bow and curtsey before sitting. The Prince is very alert and looks adorable!
Wow, nice choice of music (Les barricades mystérieuses by François Couperin...)!!!
The baby look so so beautiful in that christening gown and the little blue bow. :flowers:
The name the name i need the name. :lol:
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