Christening of Prince Christian: January 21, 2006

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Mary's parents have arrive..
Susan Moody in Grey and red hat

Joachim has arrived.
There are Nikolai & Felix entering with JOachim
Here are the little guys back with Joachim
They look even cuter without the coats!!!!
Susan Moody's hat stands out against the rest of her outfit!
Margarethe & Prince Consort both in brown coat
i think i've seen that blue hat before...

Mette-Marit is wearing similar "bow" bandana (?) like in Leah Isadora's christening. lovely...
I think Mary is wearing some sort of blue outfit (from what they showed of the car)
Nikolai & Felix now walking & sitting in front with their father.
wow... i think the queen looks so elegant! the way she entered the church was just imponent.
Phillippe and Mathilde are sitting in the special royal box with Anne-Marie, Constantine and Benedikte.
I just saw the little princes' blurry head through the window, he looks a bit chubbier
why is the chair next to mary's sister and felix without anyone?

not a big fan of what i have so far seen of the only two crown princesses i saw, mathilde and mette marit... :(

just saw victoria. she is looking really beautiful. same for nikolai and felix in their same suits!

the baby and parents just arrived! mary is wearing light blue
Mary doesn't appear to be wearing a hat. is that unusal for the mother of the baby?
or maybe it's just too blurry to tell
They look great!
Mary's Jacket is nice, but I don't like her skirt.
Haakon & Mette-Marit (captured from nrk)

mary is wearing a blue coat, flowery skirt (i think) and a strange flowery white hat.
Mary's outfit is nice, except for her hat
i just saw mary's lady in waiting. she definetely looks faboulous all the time and she has done it again. elegant is the word.
i also think its a nice outfit but the hat is awful in my opinion. the hairdo she had to make to put it on is not flattering at all. the rest is nice.
now he was smiling

are all the royals behind Mary & Frederik the godparents??
I suppose the empty chair is actually Felix', but that Joachim is keeping him on his lap for easier control.
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