Christening of Aristidis Stavros, born June 29, 2008

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The above photos were also in the greek Hello...
Thank you Beltraneja, you make my day ! Why do anyone dislike these pics ? I find them lovely on the contrary. I love the one with the baby in his godfather's arms, trying to join Mummy...
I just had a look on the website of the Greek Royal Family and saw that there are two pictures available of the christening of Prince Aristidis Stavros. I can´t see them but can someone tell me what is on them? THANKS!! I´m very curious!! :D
I cannot see either, whereas the other pictures are accessible.
Thank you Beltraneja, they are new to me. At last we have some lively photos of this event !
Great pictures. I wonder who some of the people are? Could the blonde girl be MC niece (pia getty daughter)? Just a guess on my part.
In the picture is:
Prince Kyril of Bulgaria, Spyros Niarchos(next Marie Chantal), Francesco Marcanta (white suit),Isabelle Getty(Blonde), Aristidis Facianato(young),Countess Debby Bismark, Stavrus Livanos and Infanta Cristina .
Thank you for listing the people. Is this Spyros Niarchos the ex husband of Daphne Guinness ? The niece Izzy Getty favors her aunt Marie Chantal somewhat , IMO.
Thank you so much Beltraneja ! I dreamed of having a picture of the meal ! :angel:
Where does it come from ? Life&Style ? Are there some more ? Thaaaaanks !
Great to see a new picture of Mr/Mrs Robert Miller. Thank you.
Thank you Beltraneja. Can you precise which Hola number it was. I've checked all october summaries of the online edition but I did not find.
7 it is October… to number of magazine is 3401
Thank you Beltraneja, I've bought it online : there are some photos I did not know, so thank you again.
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