Children of Prince Feisal and Princess Alia: April 2008-

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Nov 9, 2003
Welcome to the very first thread devoted entirely to the current events of the children of Prince Feisal and Princess Alia.

Princess Ayah, Prince Omar and the twin Princess Sara and Aisha to a lesser extent, have already started carrying out official engagements which can now be documented in this thread.

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April 13, 2008

Princesses Sara and Aisha attend the opening of the Kids Land Center:

Photo 1
Photo 2
they look so much alike :wub: so pretty.
they look different from their other 2 siblings, & from their parents too. they got the light features from their grandma P.Muna I guess. so cute together.
I think that they where adopt by prince Faisal and his wife, wheren't they?
I dont think theyr adopted. Zein has adopted dauther though, i think but the twins are not.
No they aren´t adopted
Thanks for the photos, they've really grown since their last appearance in public wth the Spanish royals.
Sarah and Aisha are Prince Feisal and Princess Alia's biological children. They have a remarkable resemblance to their grandmother Princess Muna.
They've grown so much,Ma-Sha'Allah, last time I saw them they were little girls!
look out for P.Ayah and P.Omar at the Rally this weekend! Starting tomorrow!
i got some personal photos of Princess Ayah at the rally.. how do i upload them?!
i got some personal photos of Princess Ayah at the rally.. how do i upload them?!

hi nashmeyeh,
since you took the photos yourself and therefore own the copyright, you can attach them directly to the Forums. When you're writing a new post, scroll down the page and click on the "Manage Attachments" button. Then click on "Browse" and select the pictures from your computer and upload them directly to the Forums.
I hope this will help. If you have further questions, send me a pm.
P.Ayah with Peter Solberg.. and alone..


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she looks much older than she is.
May 26, 2008

Princesses Aisha and Sarah patronize graduation ceremony:

wow it seems that EVERY member of the Jordan royal family does something for thier country. Does anyone know how well-known the jrf are in thier country? I mean, in the US there are tabloids and paparazzi; so even if you dont pay attention to celebrities, your sort of forced to know them since they are plastered all over supermarkets and bookstores, ect. I have never heard of paparazzi in the middle east; the kids must be left alone, somewhat?
P. Ayah's graduation ceremony is on friday the 6th! I have some personal photos of her in here cap and gown!
after the ceremony i will have more pictures to upload!

~personal archive~


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P. Ayah's graduation ceremony is on friday the 6th! I have some personal photos of her in here cap and gown!
after the ceremony i will have more pictures to upload!

~personal archive~
wonderfol picture ... P Ayah is beautiful ... cant wait to see the other pics
thank you nashmeyeh :):flowers:
June 5, 2008

Princesses Aisha and Sarah patronize graduation ceremony:

Princcess's Zein Twns Are Also At Same School & Age ( Born 1990), Did They Graduate Also With Aya?
Princess Zein does not have twins! Her son Jaafar is the same age as Princess Ayah, and Jumana is the same age as Prince Omar! And Yes Jaafar did graduate with Princess Ayah!

Princess Ayah at graduation ceremony!!
~personal archive!~
the picture include:
- Princess Ayah Walking to recieve her diploma
- Recieving her diploma
- Hugging her IB co-ordinator
- Singing ( as part of the solo's group) for both the arabic and english songs ( she is a very good singer as well! she won 2nd in the talent show at school)


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sweet! I didn't know she can sing, that's really cute.
It's also cute how in the 1st 2 pics she kept her eye on u...for the pic :)
Congrats Ameera Ayah
Those are great picturs thanks for post. Do you know if theres video we can see of preformance?
i'll try and get some of the official photos and try and upload the ceremony! once the video is done, as they are still editting it! but she has a lovely voice! very very nice! and is now preparing for univeristy! Good Luck!!
Her Highness also won 5 awards that day! which are
- Contribution to school sports (being head of the varsity volleyball team)
- Outstanding CAS (Creativity, Action and Serivce, a program created where you must serve either the community and do some sport and some event in the filed of creativity to gain points) she was the 1st in her class do to all the community service work she does! off camera ofcourse!
- the Performing arts and drama award! (she is now the only ever female in her school to b a technical engineer for the lighting of the schools theatre and she has been that for the past 3 years, as well as performing in several plays and also singing in several concerts and 4 of the schools annual talent shows!!)
- the Global Citizens award
- finally the El Hassan Youth award! ( an award presented by Prince El Hassan bin Talal, same as the Duke of Edinburhg award, a very prestigous award to the school)
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