Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style Part 5: April 2017 - June 2019

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There's something very 1950s/vintage Hollywood about Charlotte's evening wedding dress IMO. I thought she looked gorgeous though she seemed very thin to me.
I think one bow would have been enough, maybe the bows were symbolic. Saint Laurent has taken credit for that dress. Charlotte looked stunning all day. Love the evening dress and she looks so serene and happy in all the photos. A beautiful day for her and everyone else. She does look look like Grace in the balcony shot. To bad Dimitri was sleeping in the photo.
:previous: I think the photo of the newlyweds on the balcony of La Vigie overlooking the Med is going to become the iconic photograph of their union...but yeah .

Instead of gazing down into his bride's face Dimitri looks as if he has closed his eyes!:lol:

It's almost a perfect photograph!

Sartorially, Charlotte gets a 9.5..the only thing keeping her from a perfect 10 was her hair at the civil should have been in an elaborate updo.

At night she was a goddess.

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Charlotte looked very chic at the Baptism of Balthazar Rassam and the dress was a gorgeous colour too.
:previous: Thank you Pranter-

The dress was lovely....the shoes unfortunate. Who gave her the idea??:bang::sad:
Yes the shoes are rather unfortunate...she's worn some weird shoes before though.

The shoes are awful. And the dress looks worse from that angle- it reinforces my dislike of the long slit.
Either someone at Atelier Chanel persuaded her that ankle boots would give her gown an edgy, updated fashion forward look ( they LIED!) ...or the shoes were comfortable enough for a long night of dancing.

The spike heels she wore to the civil ceremony were perfect, but they didn't look very comfortable.
Yeah the shoes need to go. A strappy heel would have done just fine
This is the second time in recent appearances where the shoes have spoilt things. Perhaps she needs a shoe stylist!

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