Catherine I of Navarre/Catherine de Foix

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Catherine I of Navarre/Catherine de Foix

The French born Catherine de Foix was the last monarch of a untied Kingdom of Navarre prior to the annexation of southern Navarre by Ferdinand II of Aragon.Catherine was the daughter of Gaston de Foix, Prince of Viana and Magdalena of France (sister of Louis XI).In 1484,Catherine married Jean d'Albret,Count de Périgord,Viscount of Limoges and Tartas.The couple had many children,most of whom little or nothing is known about except Henri II of Navarre and his sister,Isabeau d'Albret ,Viscountess de Rohan.

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Catherine in her own right was Queen of Navarre,duchess of Gandia, Montblanc, and Peñafiel, Countess of Foix, Bigorre, and Ribagorza, and Viscountess of Béarn.

By her marriage to Jean d'Albret she was Countess de Périgord,Viscountess de Limoges,de Tartas and dame d'Albret.

A sister of Jean d'Albret,Charlotte Dame de Châlus married the notorious Cesare Borgia in 1499.
A cousin of Catherine was Gaston de Foix, Duke of Nemours who died following the Battle of Ravenna on the 11th of April 1512.

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Tomb of Gaston de Foix, Duke of Nemours

Queen Catherine's sister in law,Charlotte d'Albret married Cesare Borgia in 1499 and became Duchess of Valentinois.The Couple had one surviving child,a daughter Louise Borgia,Dame de Châlus & Duchess of Valentinois.Charlotte's older brother Jean d'Albret married the queen of Navarre in 1484.

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I found this portrait of Catherine I, Queen regnant of Navarre (reigned 1483-1517).

Madeleine de France,mother of Queen Catherine I, of Navarre.Born a Princess of France,Madeleine married Gaston de Foix,Prince de Viana and Viscount Castelbon in 1461.Madeleine de France was a daughter of King Charles VII of France and a younger sister of Louis XI of France.Madeleine acted as princess- Regent of Navarre 1479 - 1494.

Catherine and John III of Navarre were parents to thirteen children:

  • Anne of Navarre (19 May 1492 – 15 August 1532).
  • Magdalena of Navarre (29 March 1494 – May 1504).
  • Catherine of Navarre (1495 – November 1532). Abbess of the Trinity at Caen.
  • Joan of Navarre (15 June 1496 – last mentioned in November, 1496).
  • Quiteria of Navarre (1499 – September/October 1536). Abbess at Montivilliers.
  • A stillborn son in 1500.
  • Andrew Phoebus of Navarre (14 October 1501 – 17 April 1503).
  • Henry II of Navarre (18 April 1503 – 25 May 1555).[6]
  • Buenaventura of Navarre (14 July 1505 – 1510/1511).
  • Martin of Navarre (c. 1506 – last mentioned in 1512).
  • Francis of Navarre (1508 – last mentioned in 1512).
  • Charles of Navarre (12 December 1510 – September 1528). Took part in the Siege of Naples during the War of the League of Cognac but was captured. Died while still held as a prisoner of war.
  • Isabella of Navarre (1513/1514 – last mentioned in 1555). Married Rene I, Viscount of Rohan.

Henri II and Isabella d'Albret were the longest lived of the siblings with Isabella being last mentioned in 1560 having become a Huguenot.

I'm sure that greatly pleased her niece Jeanne d'Albret,Queen of Navarre.
Illustration of Catherine of Navarre by Johannes Wierix
Illustration of Catherine of Navarre by Johannes Wierix
That artist died long after Catherine de Foix and the clothing and hairstyle are from the late 16th Century.
An illustration of the Queen of Navarre
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