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Nov 14, 2006
san juan
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I recommend the following book about King Simeón of Bulgaria:

"El Rey Posible: Simeon de Bulgaria"
by Ramon Perez-Maura
Publisher: Belacqua
Books about King Simeon of Bulgaria

King Simeon

Do you know a good book about King Simeon. Has a biography ever written about him in English?

There is one written in spanish:
"Simeón de Bulgaria, el Rey posible"
Author: Ramón Perez Maura
Ediciones Belacqua
Madrid, Spain
Thank you Frank. I wish I could get one in English or French as I do not speak Spanish or Bulgarian either.

Do you know if his wife, Quuen Margarita speaks Bulgarian? Are his children involved in Bulgarian political and social life? What about the Queen?

I met Boris of Leiningen at an event for the Holocaust survivors. He is very articulate and seems to love Bulgaria/.

Her wife doesn't speak bulgarian. She is a spanish aristocratic woman that loves living in Spain. When King Simeon was the minister of Bulgaria she prefer to stay in Spain. Her daughter Karin lives in one of the palaces that the family have in Sofia, Bulgaria. The government gave them their old properties. The sons of King Simeon live in Madrid. They are all rich. Sorry for my english.
Thank you, Frank. It's a pity his wife and children are not interested in Bulgaria. After all, they use their titles only for social and personal gain without giving back to the country their father was king.

I think all of his sons are businessmen. Kyril is wed to that beautiful Rosario Nadal.They live in London. The other three live in Madrid. Princess Kalina does live in Bulgaria with her husband and little son.
I saw a photo of the whole family in |Bulgaria fro the king´s birthday.
Books about the mother of King Simeon of Bulgaria

Title: "Giovanna di Savoia. From the splendour of the palace at the sadness of the exile".
Author: Cristina Siccardi.
Paoline Publishing House, Roma, 2001.

Title: "Memorie"
Author: Giovanna di Savoia.
Autobiography, 1964.
Editorial Rizzoli
King Simeon of Bulgaria's biography: Duty Above All


I received Simeon of Bulgaria's biography in English. The book is worth reading. It's full of pictures. He has had a very tragic and fascinating life. I wanted to share with you my impression on the book.
The book sounds very interesting. I don't know much about Bulgarian royalty so I'd like to read it.
You can order it from his website. Send an e-mail to his assistant a.rizova@ndsv.bg. The album costs 30 euros and you will also pay for the shipping expenses.
I think that I'll have to wait until the Aussie dollar goes up again to buy this one, unfortunately!
"A Bride for Boris" by Marlene A Eilers Koenig (2013)

"A Bride for Boris"
by Marlene A Eilers Koenig

Amazon Kindle edition February 2013 (US$3)
or via PayPal in pdf format (US$3) - link

20 pages, 220 kB


During the early years of the 20th century, King Boris III of Bulgaria was one of Europe's favorite bachelors. The media loved to report on the rumors of an impending engagement. The king was linked to several Russian grand duchesses, at least one Austrian archduchesses, two Romanian princesses, and Princess Giovanna of Savoy, the daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy. It was Princess Giovanna who would win Boris' hand and heart.

Excerpt (from the Introduction)

In August 1926, the New York Times published a profile of King Boris III of Bulgaria. "Europe is watching a royal bachelor" was the headline, and it was a telling headline. "Next to the Prince of Wales, Boris III, King of Bulgaria, is the most talked about royal bachelor. Each year, a crop of rumours concerning him springs up thick as the daisies in the field. Gossip has engaged him to marry almost every eligible princess in Europe, from Princess Ileana of Romania, who is 17 years old, to Princess Giovanna of Savoy, who will be 19 in September."

The first rumours of a marriage appeared in 1911, when the Washington Post reported that "the engagement of the Grand Duchess Olga of Russia and of Prince Boris of Bulgaria will be announced officially on November 15." The date of the proposed engagement was Olga's 16th birthday...The proposed marriage was "considered a master stroke" by Boris' father, King Ferdinand. [However] Olga's birthday came and went without an announcement of her engagement. This would not be a surprise, as the proposed marriage was largely a figment of the media's imagination.

...in June 1912, the Washington Post reported on Boris' forthcoming engagement to Princess Elizabeth of Romania. A Viennese newspaper reported that their engagement "will be announced officially very soon."

The author

Marlene A Eilers Koenig is the author of:
Queen Victoria's Descendants (and the Companion Volume)
The Gleichens: The Unknown Royal Cousins
(Available on Amazon Kindle; TRF Royal Library thread here)
Royal Musings Blog (link)
Royal Book News Blog (link)

v Bulgarian postcard commemorating the marriage of King Boris III and Princess Giovanna of Savoy
'Cover' image reproduced with the permission of the author.



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Not sure if this is the right place to put this question

I am wondering does anybody know if the book My Trip to Bulgaria that was puplished in 1884 and written by Princess Marie of Battenberg about her visit to her brother Alexander who was the prince of Bulgaria.

I tried to use google but could not find anything.
Foxy Ferdinand, Tsar of Bulgaria by Stephen Constantine Daneff
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