British Royal Family Current Events 4: March 2007-July 2011

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Thanks a lot for posting the pics and links, Avalon!

I especially like the pics of Sophie, she looks so great with her casual clothes combined with those special details
like the shoes and the sunglasses..She should have brought little Louise with her, there were many attractions for
little girls and boys as well..:)
Avalon said:
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, the Countess of Wessex and several other members of the Royal Family attended the third day of Royal Windsor Horse Show on May 12, 2007 in Berkshire, England.
Thanks for the links of beautiful pics, Avalon. I just wonder if any other members of the Royal Family attended the event that i did not notice, as i have just only saw The Queen, the DoE, and the Countess of Wessex only. Besides, Christopher, Sophie's father also attended, but he is not a member of the Royal Family.
Timothy Taylor (the husband of Lady Helen Taylor) with son Columbus Taylor were there as well. And i think (but not sure) I saw Lady Amelia Windsor as well.
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I like the way Sophie's father is included in these informal events - they must enjoy his company.
Man to eat corgi in royal protest :ohmy: :sick: :blink:

A performance artist will eat a corgi live on British radio tonight in a protest over the Royal Family's alleged ill-treatment of animals.
Mark McGowan, who once ate a swan in a performance art show, would dine on cooked canine, the Queen's favourite breed of dog on the Bob and Roberta Smith radio program, broadcast on the London-based arts station Resonance FM, the British Press Association said.,,20012207_20040543,00.html
What a fool. He needs a good slap.
He's going to eat a dog to protest other people's ill treatment of animals? :corgi:


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Elspeth said:
He's going to eat a dog to protest other people's ill treatment of animals? :corgi:

Thank you! That's exactly what I was thinking! And besides it's radio no one can see anything so it sounds to me like this is all for the ratings.
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I really love her wedding outfit. But that she is wearing it more often is very unusual for me.
She had two wedding oufits and i think she wouldn´t wear the one from the church service again.
Here too, you often wear the dress from the registry office again but not the one you wear in the church.
So i think it is not so unusual.

Some more pics of today (and also of yesterday)
Fotobanka isifa image service

Isn´t this one sweet? :wub:
Charles and Camilla holding hands
Fotobanka isifa image service
( First posted from hornsen today in the threat ´´British Royal Family in current events´´)
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You're right, that was her wedding suit! I hadn't noticed.

Well, she probably wears it because it brings back some good memories. And I think she looks good in it.
Camilla recycles wedding dress two years after big day | the Daily Mail

It could have been packed away in tissue paper, its one day of glory over. But the Duchess of Cornwall loved her wedding dress too much to leave it at the back of her wardrobe.

The Daily Mail didn´t research exactly (as usually). Camilla did wear it two times after marriage, on her first appearance on "the balcony" and on a second event but, I couldn´t find it now.
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She recycled the dress and overcoat, but accessorized differently almost across the board: different hat, bag, but the same shoes, right?
Shes also wearing the very queenly gloves now. She didn't wear them on the wedding day, did she?
Good eye, hornsen. I wouldn't have noticed their oversight.
Great pictures, thank you everyone! :flowers:

I particularly love this two pictures: Prince Charles 1 ; Prince Charles 2
The kids surely do look like they love their future King! :)

And of course, the picture of Prince Charles and Camilla holding hands is simply great. :wub:
Thanks for all the great pics, it's wonderful to see the them all together and they've all looked very good, especially the Queen and Camilla - although I consider it a bit confusing to see her in her wedding dress again..;) :)
Those were such sweet photos of them!
Pics 12.6.2007

Anne, the Princess Royal waits for the arrival of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh at Horse Guards for the Household Cavalry Pageant, in London, UK on June 12, 2007 abaca:

The Queen
Picture gallery
Members of the British Royal Family, Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher took part in the commemorations to mark the 25th anniversary of the liberation of the Falkland Islands by British Military forces that are taking place in the United Kingdon and The Falkland Islands. June 17, 2007 in London.

Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, Baroness Thatcher & Tony Blair
Prince Charles & The Duchess of Cornwall
The Duchess of Cornwall & Tony Blair
Prince Andrew & Margaret Thatcher

Gallery of Pictures from Getty
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Baroness Thatcher looks lovely. That pink colour is very flattering and bright and she seems to have a brilliant relationship with the Royal Family. Tony Blair and Camilla seem to have got on well today too.

A lovely clip from the BBC: BBC Media Selector

Especially nice is Margaret Thatcher surrounded by the soldiers as they cheer her and shake her hand. She appears to be crying. Very touching indeed.
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Are there any photos of C+C from garden party at Buckingham Palace?
yes i'm searching the same thing.I've already seen a pic of the POW but i'm not sure that the DOC was there this year.
Camilla attended the party. It was written on the website of the BRF and on the Court Circular of The Times.
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