Birth of Prince Harry: September 15, 1984

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Hi there! :) My name's Sean! :) I'm 24 years old, and I've got autism. Even though I wasn't born until 1991, but since I like the nostalgia of both the 1980's and the 1990's, and since Princess Kate gave birth to her 2nd child yesterday, what memories do you have from September 15, 1984 when Princess Diana gave birth to Prince Harry? :)

Thanks! :)
Hi Sean, welcome and glad that you've decided to join us. Because Diana was so popular there was almost as much fuss made about Harry's birth as there was about William's.

I remember a lot of people waiting outside and giving Charles a cheer, also seeing little William arrive in a pair of red shorts (with his father) to see his baby brother at the hospital. When he arrived it was said that Diana went out in the corridor to greet William and took him, in her arms, to take a look at baby Harry. Diana left hospital on the Sunday afternoon.

Later on, after Harry's name was announced, someone in the crowd at one of Charles's engagements called out "God for Harry, England and St George," and Charles grinned.
Welcome Sean!

I was 12 years old when Harry was born and I remember it quite well.
My family and me were watching Saturday evening television - a live entertainment show - having our dinner. There was no 24-hour news back then, so we used to get news bulletins/news flashes if anything important happened. Half way through the TV programme, writing suddenly came up on the screen saying something like "HRH The Princess of Wales has given birth to a son etc" and then the guy doing the live TV show told the audience "we have just heard the news that Princess Diana has just given birth to a son" - the audience cheered.
When the programme finished (and before the next programme which was a sic-fi drama called "Tripods", the announcer said that the TV schedule would be delayed because they were going over to the news desk for a special broadcast. That's how I remember it anyway!

The next afternoon (Sunday) Charles, Diana and the new baby (whose name we didn't know at that point) left the hospital and we were surprised it was so soon after the birth. Diana looked very flushed and tired and her hair was kind of big, you know, quickly styled and didn't seem as short as she normally had it.
I don't remember much about Harry's birth. I don't even remember the t.v. coverage. What I do remember, though, is how much Diana's maternity fashion caught on during her second pregnancy. I remember ladies wearing coats in strong colours with bows at the neck, or suit dresses tied at the neck like this: and There was controvery about Diana's hair then, from her wearing it up at the Opening in Parliament to her wearing it down with barrettes for a short time. This was shortly after Harry was born.
I remember how glamorous Diana looked when she exited with Harry. With William she had the glowing, radiant, but "puffy" look of a new mom.

With Harry she was coiffed, perfectly made up, and looked like a model imo.:ohmy:
I don't remember much about this birth, even though I was a teenager and followed the royals. I do recall the announcement that he was Henry but would be known as Harry.
Yeah, I remember a lot of grumbling about the name "Harry"...Boy George said it sounded like "one of the Bowery Boys"!:lol:

I still don't care for it but hey...I can't picture any other name for him now!;)
I like Henry or Harry! I think it was a name a bot out of the royal list tbh... :)
From Warren's Collection...

"It's Henry - one more for polo"
Author: John Stevens
Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Published: September 17, 1984

I remember one newspaper remarking that Harry was an unsuitable name as it made him sound like a used car dealer. I remember Princess Diana wearing red and having big hair and her getting into the car.

I forgot to say hello and welcome Sean. There are some lovely people on here. I have specific learning disabilities as well and I have found most people on here very understanding. Welcome again.
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Nice to have you with us, Sean! What I remember most about both births was the town crier announcing it on TV and some guy wearing a suit made out of the British flag.
Nice to have you with us, Sean! What I remember most about both births was the town crier announcing it on TV and some guy wearing a suit made out of the British flag.

I can't remember how W and Harry's births were announced but I know when I wanted to know about Kate's babies, I went on the internet...Changes!
I was in school when Diana got married and we stayed up all night to watch it live (in the US) and we even had a wedding cake.
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