Best Pre-Wedding Event Outfit

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Letizia in red on Fred and Mary prewedding even.
The BEST ever and for ever!
I think my favourites are:
- The gown worn by Princess Mathilde for Felipe and Letizia's gala.
- The gown worn by Princess Mary for Victoria and Daniel's gala.
- The gown worn by Crown Princess Mette-Marit for Victoria and Daniel's gala.

I also absolutely love the three dresses worn by Princess Letizia - to Frederick and Mary's gala, to Victoria and Daniel's gala, and to William and Kate's gala. My only problem with the dresses is that they accentuate Letizia's petite frame too much. Still, she looked absolutely stunning every time.

Pictures from IloveCP's post.
The best gowns worn at a pre-wedding event by brides-to-be are IMO...

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Absolutely stunning! I love her jewellery (especially that arrow brooch in her hair). I usually don't like such bland colours but this gown just makes her glow. Special plus points for having such a gentleman groom. :flowers:

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
Crown Prince Frederik Of Denmark With His Bride To Be

I think she looked even more regal in this silver gown than in that red one she wore with her hair down a couple of days later. Later I even forgot these pics were taken before her wedding. She looks like she has been a crown princess all her life!
:previous: I think we share some favorites as mine are:

1. Stephanie
2. Victoria
3. Maria-Teresa
4. Mathilde & Margarita (of Romania)
5. Lalla Salma

With honorable mention to Mette-Marit (even though she definitely needs a different hairstyle) and Claire.

Marie-Chantal's dress would have been a favorite but, at this event, I found it a little distasteful (for a guest) as it was far too similar to the gowns worn by the bride and her mother-in-law (who obviously wanted and planned to match).
Clothilde look awful, I am sorry to say. She needs color and a bra. Caroline looked terrible, too. Syvia was not at her best, but I liked Victoria's gown, albeit, she could use color. Most of the ladies looked great. M-M needed a different hairstyle. Stephanie and Maria-Theresa looked fabulous.
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The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Wedding Wednesday: Frederik and Mary's Pre-Wedding Gala

The Best:

1. Crown Princess Mary's red gown
2. Princess Letizia
3. Crown Princess Mary's silver gown
4. Princess Martha Louise
5. Empress Farah
6. Marie-Chantal
7. Duchess of Castro
8. Queen Sonja
9. Countess Alexandra's first gown
10. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

The Worst:

1. Archduchess Francesca
2. Queen Margrethe's green gown
3. Infanta Cristina
4. Queen Margrethe's gray gown
5. Princess Caroline
6. Countess Alexandra's gray gown
7. Queen Mathilde
8. Sophie, Countess of Wessex
9. Queen Anne-Marie's gray gown
10. Crown Princess Mette-Marit
:previous: I don't find it dated at all. It's stunning, and almost too regal for words.

Along with Victoria of Sweden, the best Royal pre-wedding look of all time, imo.
It's gorgeous...she could wear that tomorrow and I think be in style for that type of event/dress.

Did she keep the Alexandrine drop tiara after the divorce ? It is an exquisite and historic tiara, so I am surprised it didn't go back to the Danish royal family.
It was a gift so yes she kept it and have used it after her divorce.
Alexandra Manley looked stunning that red gown can't believe its over 20 years ago,do we know who designed it?
Countess Alexandra's pre-wedding red gown is stunning as is the styling. For me, this was much better than her actual wedding gown and look. She, and her gown, looked dated to me.
One of the reason I love the wedding of Victoria and Daniel the most is that, there isn't any serious terrible fashion disaster if we ignore Mabel's pants. In the pre-wedding dinner all the CPsses looks very beautiful, and the bride-to-be is gorgeous too, the arrow, the earrings, the ES gown (and her bright smile AND Daniel), are speechlessly amazing.

Alexandra's pre-wedding gown (and most of her gowns) has a theatrical vibe but not as exaggerated as some of Q Margrethe's gowns, it's on point and stunning.
Countess Alexandra's pre-wedding red gown is stunning as is the styling. For me, this was much better than her actual wedding gown and look. She, and her gown, looked dated to me.

In 100% agreement! Her wedding gown, hairstyle and overall bridal look are quite dated, imo.
My favorites worn by royal brides, in no specific order:

Queen Sofia
Princess Grace
Crown princess Mary (both dresses)
Crown princess Victoria
Countess Alexandra
Queen Maxima
HGD Stephanie
Queen Fabiola
Queen Margrethe
Queen Beatrix
Queen Anne Marie
Queen Silvia (I did not like the jacket but the dress was stunning)

Least favorites, in no specific order:

Princess Madeleine
Queen Letizia
Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein
Princess Martha Louise
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