Best Gown: September 2015

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Which royal wore the best evening gown last month?

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Welcome to the Best Gown poll, featuring formal wear worn by royal ladies during the month of September 2015.

The poll will close on October 31, 2015.

Please feel free to discuss which outfit you voted for but remember to tell us why.

A small group of team members/advisers have assisted the Picture of the Week coordinators in selecting these pictures. Their names are listed below:


Have fun!

Picture of the Week Coordinators
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There were some exceptional gowns this month particularly the floor-length ones!

My vote went to Queen Silvia's green/floral gown on September 22nd. Beautifully fitting and elegant. My second choice is Queen Maxima's gown for Prinsjesdag.
I have voted for Queen Maxima´s gown. She looked amazing and the gown is so beautiful.
Not very hard this time ;) Queen Maxima's amazing gown at Prinsjesdag gets my vote. I also love Princess Victoria on September 4.
Queen Maxima on September 15th got my vote with the very lovely Princess of Monaco getting second place.
What is more haute couture than a gown embroidered with motifs from the wallhangings from one of your own salons????

This is what inspired Jan Taminiau for Queen Máxima's gown.

So it was Queen Máxima's amazing gown indeed. The deserved winner.
I voted for Queen Maxima at the Prinsjesdag on September 15. The dress is really beautiful and the Queen looked so elegant.
I also liked Queen Silvia on September 24.
Crown princess Victoria: her glow made the difference!
I voted for Maxima. The gown was breathtaking and one of the most stunning I've seen.

My favorites:

1. Maxima
2. Charlene
3. Victoria's blue dress
4. Silvia's blue dress
5. Silvia's black and white dress
Interesting to note that CP Victoria is wearing essentially the same dress in both her entries for this poll. Just in different colours and length (the shorter version has a bit more detail at the bottom)
My vote goes to that stunning gown of Queen Maxima! It's so beautiful, so perfect.
Victoria's silvery gown looked gorgeous as well, but then she is just shining with happyness. She would have looked good in anything!
Maxima, no doubts. That embroidery has still me amezed!
Victoria's silver number looks great too and I like every Silvia's outfits but September 9.

Rania... the look is kinda ok from the front, but I hate the sideline view.
I voted for Queen Maxima. The gown was very pretty. The rest of the gowns in the poll were boring compared to Maxima's.
This was so easy- Queen Maxima -September 15. Loved it!
I'm going against the popular opinion and am voting for Queen Silvia's red gown she wore on September 24. The colour is stunning and Silvia herself looks wonderful.
However, Queen Maxima was a close contender.
I really liked Silvia's red gown as well. In some pictures it looked more like a rich raspberry colour which I love.
:previous: I agree, Silvia looked lovely on the 24th.

Queen Maxima's gown was got my vote. I also loved the Dior gown worn by Princess Charlene and Queen Silvia's red gown (from the 9th).
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Last chance to vote for your favourite gown everyone. The poll closes tomorrow!
Princess Charlene got my vote :flowers: but it was a hard one.

Queen Silvia's red/raspberry dress (Sept 9) and CP Victoria in her silver full-length were lovely. I also liked Princess Laurentian's dress. Would love to wear it. Have a hunch it feels luscious (who cares that the camera may not like it, though I think it creates a stunning effect).
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Queen Silvias green floral dress with shoulder embellishments was stunning and it just had to get my vote :)
Charlene of Monaco all the way here, followed by Queen Maxima at #2 and Princess Victoria in the silver gown at #3!:)
This poll is now closed. Thank you all for voting.
Here are the top 3 gowns as chosen by you:




Stay tuned for the Best Gown Poll for October!
:previous: I agree with the results, pretty much. :flowers: Though I'd place Charlene first, then Victoria, with Maxima third.
:previous: We think alike on this one, Lady N!;)
Best Gowns

Elegance and class no doubt.
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