Belgium's National Day - 21 July 2007

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Princess Claire wearing jeans on the National Day.... even if it was for the afternoon activities i think it's a bad choice... and Princess Mathilde's outfit is awful... perfect for Ascot's Week but not for Belguim's National day!! :-(
Which outfitt of princess MAthilde you find awfull? She wore 3 outfitts yesterday
I'm surprised as well to see Claire in jeans. I hate to say this because I don't want it to sound to mean. But, I think Laurent and Claire need to enroll in "How to be Prince/Princess" school. In most of the pictures I saw of Laurent at the Military parade he looked and had the body language of an unwelcoming type of person(his arms being folded is such a stand-off-ish move). He looked as if he didn't want anything to do with the parade. Claire has some not so good posture in some pics she looks like she wants to just sink away into the chair and be invisible. And another thing and quite possibly this is the fault of the photographers but there are many pics of Claire and Laurent not smiling or just looking very unready to be photographed. It just seems that they don't like the cameras around and that they are unwilling to at least look the part of royalty. Wow, there is a huge difference between these siblings. Philippe and Mathilde, Astrid and Lorenz and their family all look the part but I can't say that for Laurent and Claire.

Possibly Laurent hasn't warmed up to the press and the public after his recent issues, maybe that is part of it.
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the one for the military parade stephanievl... sorry i forgot to mention it...
Here are some additional pictures of yesterday's activities. There is a total of 3 pages.

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p.s. Stephanievl, you have been awesome with giving us so many wonderful pictures, thanks.
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She looked beautiful for the Te Deum!! Maybe when she saw that the Queen was also wearing creme she decided to change!!
I went to Brussels saturday and I've seen queen Paola. She was standing two meters further and there was a lot of security around her. (a pity!)
I was there too! And got to see the King and Queens. I was (positively) surprised to see that there was a large audience, I always thought Belgians didn't care for this day.
Goodness Gracious! What the heck happened to Mathielde's (I always spell her name wrong!) outfit at the military parade?:sick:
It looks as if a entire load of crayons melted or exploded on her!!
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry!!
I usually love the way she presents herself on such occassions, but today is just awful.
And in contrast to my usual opinions, I actually like Prs. Claire's outfit for the parade. Even her hat I like. But then she had to go and change into that horrid blue/white jacket with jeans. Ugh! At least she did not wear it with the matching pants and hat again!!!!!
And as for Laurent, he needs help. I personally think he needs and attitude adjustment. But that is just my opinion.
Thanks for posting all those pictures. They were wonderful to see.
you're so right sesa... I'm sure she will never wear that outfit again... I saw Laurent also on tv for the concert for the National Day... absolutely no manners at all... at one moment Claire played with his hair.... They should have stay home. The Belgian monarchy doesn't need such a couple.
No she wasn't this year. She was present last year as it was the 175th anniversary of Belgium
I expect her to be there next year. Little Leatitia Maria was there and she has the same age as Gabriël. So maybe Mathilde and Filip will take their 2 oldest kids with them next year. This month she had 3 official appearences in a short period. So maybe the national day would be to much!
Wow wow beautiful photo on Princess Mathildes dress and hair!!!! Wow Princess Astrids children was with National Day! Grand lady old Queen Fabiola looks good very and happy!
I did take some pictures myself this year of the royal family at the national day:

these pictures are not as good as professional pictures, but I'm quite proud that I saw them and that I could take some pictures.
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