Beatrice Borromeo's Fashion and Style Part 2: May 2017 - November 2017

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 2 of the thread for Beatrice Borromeo's Fashion & Style!

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** Beatrice Borromeo's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2015 - May 2017 **

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:flowers: Happy Posting! :flowers:
That's more like it...Beatrice looks gorgeous!

I find Bea's dress wonderful and very flattering:flowers:
I think it's Marta Ferri's design and (as I can remember) Bea wore this at the party in the Monaco Yacht Club in the morning after her wedding.
Beatrice looked very lovely as per normal and her dress was nice and colourful.
Beatrice looked gorgeous! I love the pop of colour her dress gives off. Perfect for a summer's evening. I think she was the best dressed there.
She looks lovely - great summery dress, beautiful colours. I like her jewellery and make up especially the shade of her lipstick.
This girl is so beautiful and stunning whatever she wore!
I think the dress is lovely bright color, hardly able to wash someone out. Looks great.
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The yellow dress is very cute, but the bow in the back makes it look too girlish to me.

The other dress, however, really needs to be in my closet right now. But I would need to grow 6" for it to not overwhelm my shrimpy self, & I would also need to win the lottery :lol:
Even without the bow, the yellow seems a bit childish too me. Reminds me of the homemade dresses my mother made for us as kids once in a while.

The orange I love the style and colors. :flowers: Not fond of the print.
Beatrice's dresses look great. I like them both equally, though I do agree with QueenPenny on the yellow dress's bow.
Both dresses are very unattractive, imo. The colors, and the second one,the maxi,,the print is too big and ugly . Looks like old wallpaper to me.. Bea and char both look good with no makeup
I think both of the dresses would be hard to pull off for most people, but Beatrice is young, tall and beautiful so she can wear pretty much anything and not look bad.
I love her dress...but that head piece is terrible

The dress ist nice and I really like the outfit she was wearing yesterday at the Pre-Weeding Dinner Picture.
:previous: Neither do I. Bea, ma come ti vesti?
beatrice always looks lovely, even with the weird headpiece!
Pretty dress. But not her usual style. Not her usual polish.

She looks like she has bread on her head.
Minus the headpiece she's looks stunning as usual .
I agree what is the thing on her head .. usually she is so beautifully dressed .. am a bit disappointed
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