Baby girl for Prince Hamzah & Princess Basmah: Princess Noor Hamzah - July 5th, 2014

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Jun 21, 2005
I hope Prince Iman will have a baby boy.
Prince Feisal's tweet:
@FeisalAlhussein:Welcoming the latest addition to our family, my niece Noor! Congratulation to proud parents Prince Hamzah & Princess Basma :) #jordan
oh how lovely! congratulation to the family
Congratulations to the couple! :flowers: I didn't even realise that Hamzah and Basmah had been expecting another child. Noor is a great name (this will never happen but if I married a Jordanian Royal, a future daughter would probably be a Noor or Alia) and I like how they honoured Queen Noor.
I love the name Noor! It is lovely for the girl to be named like her grandmother.
But...his ex-wife is also called Noor, wouldn't that be weird to him? Well I'm saying probably not or he wouldn't name his baby daughter that.
Congrats ! This was unknown pregnancy . Queen Noor is in amman sure she is proud !
I heard both basma and noor asem are good friends thus no problem for both ,
Hope the newborn is cute like her sisters !
No wonder I saw more of Queen Noor in Amman lately. Another granddaughter for her lol. Congrats to the couple.
:flowers: Great name they chose after the queen. what a nice surprise congrats to the couple! now prince hashem and hamzahs july daughters are just days apart like there oldest 2. I can't believe it's another girl! guess im with salma, hope they can add a boy to this family :p.
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Congratulations to the happy couple :flowers: Wish the family, health, happiness and prosperity together :flowers:
Congratulations to the Jordanian Royal Family on their newest member and little blessing.
What a lovely surprise! Congratulations to Hamzah, Basmah, Haya and Zein :flowers:

Noor is such a beautiful name and Queen Noor must be ecstatic to have a granddaughter named after her. I am almost hoping that Iman is having a boy to equal out all the girls a little, but it's going to be nice for little Noor to have a contemporary, regardless of the gender.
Congrats to tchem!
Queen Noor's sons are really girl-makers!
God bless her it is good in islan when a father has 3 daughters :)
Congratulations ! :Flowers:
congratulations for all the family,but prince hashem 's daughter is also named noor, no?
Prince Hashem's daughter name is Raiyat-Alnoor
thank you Rossina, we hope to see their photos, they're all very beautiful princesses :)
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