Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana & Family Current Events Part 15: April 2010 - February 2015

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Semana magazine publishes more details about Andrea and Tatiana's religious wedding...
According to this magazine, the ceremony will take place at monastery ofRougemont,built in the XIth century in Gsataad at 7 pm and the ceremony will be held in french. P. Caroline and Julio Mario Santo Domingo will godfather the couple and about 300 guests are expected to the brunch on the 1st February

Te contamos cómo será la boda religiosa de Andrea Casiraghi y Tatiana Santo Domingo

http://Te contamos cómo será la boda religiosa de Andrea Casiraghi y Tatiana Santo Domingo
purepeople and Point de vue magasin said that the wedding will take place on january 31th, saturday february 1st there will be the circus ' new generation ' in monaco, Princess Stephanie and pauline will attend the opening of the circus. princess Stephanie is the president of the circus new generation.
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Sacha's christhening was today
Fotobanka ?TK

The caption: Atmosphere at the baptism of Sacha Casiraghi, the son to Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo, in the presence of Princess Caroline of Monaco, Pierre Casiraghi, Alexandra of Hanover and Alex Delall, at a little chapel in Gstaad, Switzerland on January 30, 2014.

I wonder if Caroline, Pierre, Alexandra and Alex wore the godparents
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Sasha looks like a tall boy from the picture of his mother carrying him!
I had a feeling that they would baptize him close to their religious wedding ceremony. He is almost a year old now!

It's nice that Andrea has kept his friendship with Charlotte's ex...Dellal. I wonder who he and Tatiana selected as Sacha's godparents?
Tatiana and Alex were good friends long before he ever dated Charlotte. They have been friends since childhood. He's a good bet for a godparent.
True, but I don't think Alex is Catholic or even a Christian. I think I remember reading that he was Jewish?

Unless Andrea and Tatiana selected a Catholic and a non Catholic godparent.

Here are some more pics of the arrival to and departure from the christening - here you can also see Princess Caroline and Princess Alexandra. Alex Delall brought his baby boy with him and so did Margherita Missoni - you can see her husband Eugenio Amos carrying it. On pics 6 and 7 you'll get a glimpse of of cute little Sacha:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 **

And here's a gallery from oggi:

** Andrea Casiraghi e Tatiana Santo Domingo: prima il battesimo (privatissimo) del figlio Sasha, poi le nozze **

** Barndop för Monacofamiljen i Gstaad ** translation ** gallery **
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Aww, very precious :flowers: And he has the same hair colour Andrea had as a baby.
They are all very casual chic dressing! Thei shoes are all like boots and uggs... like Tatiana skirt, this is a wonderful wedding, the place is the best, the snow scenario and all very casual chic, like it a lot!
Question a bit off topic: Did Tatiana stick to her maiden name or is she actually Tatiana Casiraghi?
Charlotte did not attend? Neither Beatrice?
Hola pics from the wedding cant open in my mobile phone.
Glad to see a glimpse of the cute baby. What a beautiful church for their second wedding. Tatiana is looking very good these days, maybe because her hair is away from her face.
Hope we can get to see some pictures like in Monaco... hope to see her wedding dress!
Charlotte did not attend? Neither Beatrice?
Hola pics from the wedding cant open in my mobile phone.

I saw Charlotte in one of the pictures leaving the church. sorry i cant link the pic:flowers:
What a beautiful church for the couples religious wedding,and we got a baptism too!
So Sacha's full name is Alexandre Andrea Stefano Casiraghi?! Beautiful name IMO. ?
It's a beautiful name. Could AlexandRE instead of AlexandER be a nod to Tatiana's brazilian origins? How would the name be in french?

BTW, no Gad nor Bea?
Andrea looks like 10 miles of rough road. Don't know what he is ingesting, but I am glad for Monaco that his son was legitimized because at the rate Andrea is wasting away, I doubt he will outlive his uncle.
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