Alternate History

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They were fearful of the French kings gaining the upper hand and William married off all his 2 surviving daughters to ensure alliances along his French borders.

Adela of Normandy m Stephen II, Count of Blois
Constance of Normandy m Alain IV, Duke of Brittany
Even putting aside the bad blood, I tend to believe that the Norman Kings felt that their territories on the Continent were as important, if not more so, than being the King of England. Certainly Normandy came into that category and so it was given to the eldest son. So Robert would not necessarily have regarded it as a promotion to be given England in preference to Normandy. And dividing territory between the brothers was a wise move.
I agree that dividing territory between the brothers was wise.
However, no matter whether one brother owned all the territories or if more than one brother owned territory, someone might be jealous of another's possessions.
Princess Margaret was also involved in HIV/AIDS fundraising activities (a little-known fact).

Her general attitude and possible sense of entitlement may also have been a result of her feeling of being deceived (betrayed) by Churchill when it was indicated to her that after a suitable period, the Townsend marriage may be on the agenda, only to be advised at the end of the period that it wasn't. And if she persisted, she would be turfed out. Subtle it wasn't.
There are quite a few princes and princesses in other European monarchies -at that time- who made the decision to marry the person they loved resulting in them being removed from the line of succession (and often loosing their titles and styles as well). So, the option that was presented by Churchill made some sense. She was allowed to marry but the consequence would be removal from the line of succession. Why -unlike many others in a similar position- she chose her position over marrying Townsend is something we might never fully know.
What if Tsar Peter I of Russia was killed by the Streltsy during the Moscow Uprising of 1682?
Sophia would have taken control! She probably wouldn't have gone for the westernising policies which Peter did, but I think Russia was a sleeping giant and would eventually have taken her place in European politics anyway.
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