King Charles IV/I of France and Navarre and Wifes (Blance, Marie and Joan of Évreux)

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Jan 9, 2013
Charles IV[note 1] (18/19 June 1294 – 1 February 1328), called the Fair (le Bel) in France and the Bald (el Calvo) in Navarre, was last king of the direct line of the House of Capet, King of France and King of Navarre (as Charles I) from 1322 to 1328. Charles was the third son of Philip IV; like his father, he was known as "the fair" or "the handsome".
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King of France:
3 January 1322 – 1 February 1328
Coronation: 21 February 1322
Predecessor: Philip V
Successor: Philip VI
King of Navarre:
3 January 1322 – 1 February 1328
Predecessor: Philip II
Successor: Joan II
Born: 18/19 June 1294, Clermont, Oise, France
Died: 1 February 1328 (aged 33), Vincennes, France
Burial: Saint Denis Basilica
Blanche of Burgundy
(m. 1307; ann. 1322)
Marie of Luxembourg
(m. 1322; died 1324)
Joan of Évreux (m. 1324)
Blanche, Duchess of Orléans
House: Capet
Father: Philip IV of France
Mother: Joan I of Navarre

Blanche of Burgundy (c. 1296 – c. 1326) was Queen of France and Navarre for a few months in 1322 through her marriage to King Charles IV the Fair. The daughter of Count Otto IV of Burgundy and Countess Mahaut of Artois, she was led to a disastrous marriage by her mother's ambition.
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Marie of Luxembourg (1304 – 26 March 1324) was Queen of France and Navarre as the second wife of King Charles IV and I.
She was the daughter of Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor and Margaret of Brabant. Her two siblings were John of Luxembourg and Beatrice of Luxembourg, Queen of Hungary.
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Joan of Évreux (1310 – 4 March 1371) was Queen of France and Navarre as the third wife of King Charles IV of France.
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Charles IV was succeed in Navarre by Jeanne d'Évreux in 1328 who reigned as Jeanne II.
Jeanne had married Philippe d'Évreux in 1318 ,he was a Prince of the Blood and was Count of Évreux, and Longueville Jeanne was forced by the French king to cede him the Counties of Champagne and Brie and in exchange he awarded her the Counties of Angoulême and Mortain.

Philippe d'Évreux
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