A Satirical Portrait of Princess Mary

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That's how I feel as well. Satire is one thing; plain vulgarity is something else. Actually, I don't find it to be satirical at all. Satire requires wit, and I see no wit here...just cheap sensationalism.:ermm:

I understand the artist's point of view, and the humor behind it, but I think that this painting is ugly. The image of Frederik scratching himself is just icky. There is a way to be satirical without being vulgar, but the artist failed to paint the image without vulgarity.
Lol. Maybe it is :p

It's all good though, you Aussies do have a great sense of humour. All my Aussie friends find this portrait funny, and all my Canadian friends don't get the humour in it. Lol.

I don't find it funny either, and I'm an American. ;)
As this portrait is old, and has already been discussed to great extent when it first appeared last year, this thread will be closed. If you wish to read previous comments about this portrait, please see one of the older 'General News' threads.

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