A new way of saying "thank you" to another member

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For any members looking for the box referred to above, go to your User CP and in the 'Settings and Options' group, click on 'Edit Options'.
Scroll down the list of options until you come to the 'Thanks PM Notification' box.

v This is what it looks like:


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Please let me know what it means when it says I have one reputation point. And a post I made does not have a reputation. I don't have ANY idea and have been looking in FAQ. I removed the post which had no reputation although it was not scandalous. Please email me. Thank you!
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All members have a 'reputation' level of 1.
It is an automatic by-product of the software governing the 'Thanks' button and doesn't in itself have any meaning.
Just out of curiosity, where exactly is that "reputation level"?
Is it the small square in the profile page?
Just out of curiosity, where exactly is that "reputation level"?
Is it the small square in the profile page?

Yes, it is. Just like the diamonds under your name, which show how many posts you have made.
One green diamond = 1-100 thanks, so it may take quite a while before you get two green diamonds. :p
I have no idea when you get a third green diamond.
Firstly, members can choose to display or not display their reputation level via a setting in their User CP [thumbnail 1]
Reputation level displayed [thumbnail 2]
Reputation level not displayed [thumbnail 3]

After a certain number of "thank you" messages are received two or more squares may be displayed. However, the official 'reputation level' remains at '1'.
There's little point getting into this too deeply as the reputation level is a software-related byproduct and has no bearing on anything.


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Got it - thanks a lot Muhler and Warren! :flowers:
I knew about the square(s), but not about the "reputation points" (that they depended on the number of "thank you's" one receives.
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I'm rather embarrassed to say that until a few minutes ago I was totally oblivious to the "Thanks" messages, and I only happened upon this thread by accident. :blush: I really should open my eyes and check out the admin thread regularly and explore new things that appear on the page, such as that big blue button with "Thanks" on it. :lol: Great idea, BTW.
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