90th Birthday Celebrations of HM King Michael (25 October 2011)

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The Swedes were delayed in the US and then the king of Sweden went to the Crown Prince of SA's funeral ..
Do you think the King of Sweden did not attend because he wanted King Mihael to be the only King.?
Congratulations for real Majesty King.
Do you know why one of this daughters did not attend ?
I was at Sinaia last Friday - one of the palace drivers took me to the two palaces - so had a very nice tour of both ... the exhibit at Pelisor is small - but there is a nice booklet of the photographs available for sale at the shop.

Opening of the exhibition dedicated to Hm King Mihai I at Pelisor Castle in the presence of HRh Prince Nicolae( see second video of this page) :

Regele Mihai I – 90 de ani | Muzeul National Peles

Photos with HRH Prince Nicolae at the opening of the exhibition dedicated to his grandfather at Pelisor Castle:

Familia Regala - Activitati curente
yes, Sofia did have security, but nothing like what it would be for the British royals who have far more security than the Spanish. Ditto for the Swedes (but they did not come) or the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. I was one of the guests, too, and we all stayed at the hotel. If a member of the BRF was at the hotel, their security would have been tighter, there would have been sweeps, etc. Some of the royals stayed on the tenth floor, some on the 11th and some of the 12th (the floor I was on). You were not there, I was. The Prince of Wales visited Romania several months ago, and also visited with Margarita and Radu at the Elisabeta Palace ...I can assure you the guests or the King did not think it was rude at all. I do not know if anyone from the Dutch, Norwegian or Danish RFs were invited. I can assure you that no one was sitting at the King's table or the Queen's table dissing anyone. I was at the King's table, by the way. It would have been a nightmare at the Intercontinental. Sophie arrived with her cousin, Tatiana and Tatiana's husband, as well as her dog, Tipsy. She was not accompanied by a personal protection officer ... if Charles were there, he would have had his own PPO.
That's a ridiculous statement. The Queen of Spain is there, are you suggesting she has no/little security? It's rude, plain and simple.
I noticed that my links are cancelled so there is no more need to put links about the Romanian Royal Family!
I think you will find they have been merged. Refer your previous posts.
This celebration was the moment when the popularity of the King was higher than ever after the fall of comunism.
Who sees the photos and videos of the event does not need anything more.
Those moments represented a huge popularity for the King and certainly a big hope for the Monarchy.
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