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Hi Folks!

I've got a rather interesting story to tell. My grandmother claimed that my mother was a princess. This claim of hers began shortly before she had a mental breakdown in 1930 ... after the man she was living with left her for a younger woman. My mother was born in February 1920. The man my grandmother was living with in 1930 is identified as my mother's father on her birth certificate... but my grandmother persisted throughout the rest of her life in claiming that my mother was a princess. Nobody in the family took this seriously. At the time of my mother's birth my grandmother was living in Hoxton, North London (hardly a place to meet up with a member of Royalty, eh?) However ... one day in 1999 I was surfing the Net when I came across a page that claimed that Prince Albert (i.e. later to become King George VI) attended a gathering of "working class leaders" (accompanied by only a single companion) in HOXTON on May 1st 1919 ('Mayday'? ... there is a hint in biographies of him that Albert was considering becoming a Socialist!) ... nine months before my mother was born. This story gets stranger inasmuch that a medium I met in the 70s told me (completely out of the blue ... not having ANY info about me) that my mother was conceived in Paris. It is recorded (in his brother's diary) that Prince Albert "lost his virginity to a Parisian prostitute" in December 1918 ... and that he was in the habit of visiting Paris "incognito". The picture is of the Prince meeting my grandmother at the Hoxton gathering and a short time later meeting up with her again in Paris. It is a fact that King George V (his father) was somewhat upset by the fact that Albert had apparently got into the habit of having sexual liaisons with working class women ... he was, at the time, associating with a married woman from the aristocracy who, it is fairly certain, did not sleep with him ... my grandmother was, before her breakdown (which was "extreme"), a very intelligent, very sensuous working class woman with a beautiful singing voice. My thoughts are that even if she did have a liaison with the Prince she could have been with other men (1919 was a very "wild" year as far as the country's sexual behaviour was concerned. There's never been a year like it before or since!) ... and "believed" that her child was fathered by the Prince. I'm in a bizarre situation in that if I could prove my grandmother's claim (through DNA) and went public with it I could milk it for all its worth and become world famous. How would Elizabeth react to learning that she had a half-sister she knew nothing of? I repeat again that his brother, Prince Edward, wrote in his diary that Albert had told him that he had decided to lose his virginity by going with a prostitute (i.e. he was getting very sexually frustrated keeping company with a married aristocratic woman he couldn't sleep with) and had got into the habit of taking incognito day-trips to Paris. Finally ... if the above just happens to be true then maybe Albert fathered other children? As you can see my thoughts about myself are very much influenced by grandmother's claim ... and my grandmother never recovered from her 1930 mental breakdown. She lived till she was 90 ... and was known as "The Duchess" in the care home she lived in for the last ten years of her life. She claimed to have been "made a Duchess for performing services for Royalty".
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Wow. That's quite an interesting story! I think it would be very difficult to actually prove and even if the story was true beyond any doubt, there isn't much that could be done about it. It was before Albert married and all "royal" claims to the line of succession depend on being born on the right side of the blanket so to speak.

It would be similar to the story of Alice Keppel who was a long term mistress to King Edward VII. There have been stories and rumors that Edward fathered Alice's daughter Sonia. Sonia was the Duchess of Cornwall's (Camilla) grandmother.

So all in all, I think you just might have something in common with Camilla if the story was proven to be true.

Anyways, welcome to TRF and enjoy the threads. Lots of information here!
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
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