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Old 09-11-2019, 05:33 PM
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Is there a palace chapel or given the close proximity of the Marble Church/Frederik's Church there was no need?


September 14th ,1982 :Death of HSH Princess Grace of Monaco
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Old 09-11-2019, 05:40 PM
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As the buildings were originally just regular mansions (if such a thing exists) I would suspect not.

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Old 09-11-2019, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Muhler View Post
Yes, you'd think a guy like that would simply be thrown in a prison somewhere and forgotten.
But no, since medieval times, when the first national laws were written down, people were absolutely obsessed with the law!
It may come as a surprise to many, it certainly was to me, that people back then knew there rights, they knew the law and they stood their ground when they felt they had the law on their side.
From 1300 and up was a great time to be a lawyer in DK! - And not only in DK but in most countries in Europe at the time.
What was written down as law, was basically considered sacrosanct and people knew it. (*)

Kings and nobles, even when absolutism was introduced, ruled according to and based on the law. Otherwise they would be tyrants. - And you were not morally obligated to be loyal to a king who was a tyrant, i.e. who ruled outside the law, or ruled breaking the law.

Of course there was misuse of power all the time, by people in power in particular, that was part of life. But as long as it wasn't too openly and too frequently it was accepted as a reality of life.

But on a day to day basis and on a local level, people were very much aware of their legal rights: "Squire Hans son here has - again - led his cattle across my field and let them drink from my stretch of the creek. Your Honor, I demand a compensation. It says so here in Danish Law that I'm entitled to (an x amount or an ox) for the use of my land, my grass and my water!" - Even if the one they complained about was a notch or two higher up the social ladder.

It's incredibly fascinating!

I guess this obsession with the law, especially in late medieval times, was because even to ordinary people, the letter of the law was the only guarantee people had in regards to their rights, in an otherwise pretty unfair society.

So that an absolute King went to the court to get a restraining order against a mere hussar (albeit a cornet. - I.e. a kind of adult officer's apprentice) is completely within the mindset of the time. Even if the king had the power to send the hussar to the West Indies to die of fever, if he wanted to, he would be careful not to do that, and thus be accused of being a tyrant. - Apart from the fact that it is difficult to demand that ordinary people live in accordance with the law, when the ruler don't...
Even absolute kings were keen on having a good image.

(*) Writing down rules was almost a favorite pass-time! Every club, society and fellowship imaginable wrote down detailed rules, which everyone involved signed and adhered to strictly in times of dispute. Mercenary companies and even pirates have some wonderful examples of very detailed rules. - Some of them are actually very modern in their mindset and as fair as was possible.
My surprise originated more from a member of the public falling in love with a royal to the point of insanity (in an era before television and royals mixing with ordinary citizens), but yes, it was also surprising that a regular legal procedure existed to manage the problem and that an absolute monarch utilized it! Thank you for the further information; fascinating indeed.
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Old 09-12-2019, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Tatiana Maria View Post
My surprise originated more from a member of the public falling in love with a royal to the point of insanity (in an era before television and royals mixing with ordinary citizens), but yes, it was also surprising that a regular legal procedure existed to manage the problem and that an absolute monarch utilized it! Thank you for the further information; fascinating indeed.
Ah, I see.

Well, the DRF anno 1811 were perhaps even more accessible to the public than today - if you happened to live in Copenhagen that it.
Copenhagen was a city of 100.000 people, all crammed together in an incredible limited space. So every Copenhagener would likely meet and certainly see members of the DRF fairly often.
You would see the King go for a Sunday stroll along the redoubts around the city with his family. (In fact there is a painting of that, should anyone be interested.)
There is also a wonderful story about the King rowing the Queen I think. He was heading for the shore while a group of people were watching, bt he misjudged the speed of the boat, so it slammed into the bank, causing the king to fall back in the boat. - Then a voice from the crowd was heard saying: "He's just as good at steering as running the country!"
(From a history book by the late historian Palle Lauring.)
The distance between top and bottom could be surprisingly short back then.

Anyway, it is very likely our Swede, who for whatever reason was in Copenhagen, would have seen Princess Juliane, pretty close up several times. And then fallen madly in love with her.
He must also have tried to physically contact her and therefore got a restraining order. But again, people were probably more tolerant of those who were slightly insane back then. After all, there being no medication and few asylums, madness in various forms must have been a normal part of the daily picture.

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