Zara Phillips Gives Birth to a Daughter: Mia Grace Tindall - January 17, 2014

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great news!!!!!! i cant wait for the baby's name!!!! maybe we can see her soon
The only royal who has probably seen her would be Anne.

Even with George only his grandparents saw him in the first day and The Queen on the second day while the others didn't see him for some time as he was taken to Buckelbury (Harry who knows but I suspect the day he arrived home from hospital unless he was off somewhere serving in the army).

The Queen and Philip are a number of hours away on the other side of the country and given the security etc that would be needed to get them from Sandringham to Gloucestershire I doubt that they would make that drive. Maybe in a week or so Zara and Mike might take her to Sandringham but more likely they will see her in February when they return to London.

Charles is a possible visitor as he spends most weekends at Highgrove, when he is in England, which is also in Gloucestershire so he could go and visit if he is so inclined although given Anne's comment on the birth of his grandson and the future King ('it is nothing to do with me') maybe he won't bother going to see his sister's new grandchild either.

Andrew is currently overseas.

Edward and Sophie with their children are also more likely due to the enthusiasm that young children normally have for the birth of a new baby - so possibly they may go across over the weekend.

As for us seeing her - maybe at her baptism or when they do a spread as a new family for a magazine associated with one or other of Zara's sponsorships. She might make an appearance at the rugby if Zara takes her to one of Mike's games but she would probably be so rugged up that we don't see much of her at all anyway.
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Charles may possibly visit as his and Anne's estates are quite close and I've always thought he and Anne were close to each other, I remember seeing a picture of Zara greeting him with a big hug and kiss at the races once.
Charles is a possible visitor as he spends most weekends at Highgrove, when he is in England, which is also in Gloucestershire so he could go and visit if he is so inclined although given Anne's comment on the birth of his grandson and the future King ('it is nothing to do with me') maybe he won't bother going to see his sister's new grandchild either.

That quote from Anne was not meant to be mean or to imply she did not care about the birth of George. The reporter congratulated HER and she said the birth had nothing to do with her and she was correct. She is only the great-aunt, not the mother or grandmother. It's too bad people continue to bring it up.

At any rate, congratulations to Zara and Mike. It's nice to see that Zara had an easy birth since she apparently went home after only six or so hours. But that's the norm for mothers these days if the birth is uneventful. All the doctors want the mother to do is have a bowel movement and they can leave.
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Great News!!!! I loved an article about her being very active when she was pregnant.
Isla was born the night before a major church service at St George's chapel ....maybe the 10th anniversary of queen mothers death? Maybe Easter? And Peter and autumns absence was explained by the birth. Also, as they named her Isla Elizabeth in her jubilee year, I think it had more attention

You were correct on the first. Isla was born March 29, 2012 and the queen mother died March 30, 2002.
Still no news about her name?
We didn't even get George's name this quick after the birth. It's going to take a while.
I thought they announced George's name the very next day?
IIRC George's name was announced on the 24th, two days after his birth.

William and Catherine must have pretty much decided on his name beforehand because it's pretty fast to announce a name two days after the birth unless you're absolutely sure on it.
A better comparison with be Savannah - born on Wednesday and named leaked at Sandringham church service the following Sunday when the minister asked parishioners to pray for Peter, Autumn and Savannah Philips. Who knows when they intended on announcing the name if it hadn't been leaked.
i guess they learnt after savannah, and the minister will not be praying for them this time :)
what about isla? when did her name get announced? i guess that will give us a good indication on when to expect it.
Isla's was announced the next day or the day - but the day after she was born was the 10th anniversary of The Queen Mum's death in the Jubilee Year so there were reasons for announcing quite quickly.
I think this is different to Peter and Autumn who are really private people with the occasional foray into key royal family events.

Zara and Mike are famous; they make their living through sport and sponsorship; Mike even tweets! I think the name will be announced, probably through twitter. That is what they would do regardless of the royal link
They are still part of the extended royal family so things need to go through royal channels. Twitter may be used or the family website - which is where the pregnancy and birth were announced.
It wouldn't surprise me if Zara and Mike made the trek to Norfolk to visit her grandparents, especially if the naming has any personal significance to them (i.e after Phillips mother) to introduce them to the new baby. Perhaps the name would be released with a picture.

My take is Zara is incredibly respectful of her grandparents - but has no time to bother with other expectations of the RF (i.e. formal announcements).
And yet the formal announcement of the pregnancy and birth were done via the RF which would suggest that she is very mindful of the expectations.
I'm guessing they may announce the name and release a picture at the same time.
I think I read that their engagement picture was managed by their PR people/agents (which as sports-stars they obviously have). I think they will be released 'officially' through the RF website and press office but also on twitter etc as well.
For the first time I have 'a feeling' for the Zara's daughter :p. I think it will be little Marina Tindall! ;)
Richard Palmer ‏@RoyalReporter 2h
Zara Phillips' advisers say they're not expecting any news about the baby's name today. She and Mike are still taking their time to decide.
Can it be that we know first a name of Princess Madeleine's daughter than that of this baby girl?:lol:
Actually it's probably more likely, there's no reason for Zara and Mike to actually tell the press the name of their daughter.

Comment from Princess Anne in The Daily Telegraph;

Mark Stewart ‏@RegalEyes 15m
Asked by a photographer if she was having a nice day with her new granddaughter - Anne's reply "I was having a lovely day until I saw you."

I understand media intrusion yes, but Anne should know her life by now.
Her life involves having press regularly asking her questions.

Without context of the situation - was Anne at an event or was she just out in public doing her own thing - I can't judge. If she's at an event and made that comment then I agree she's being rude and needs to remember her life. But if she's just out and about and a photographer appeared... That's another story.
Members of the media who are around the British royals a lot should know Princess Anne's attitude. Don't make it right but just saying...
Congratulations to them both!=) Tara Tindall sounds nice to me)))
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