Your Favourite Royal Family

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meac said:
I LOVE Spain ROYAL Family,And THE Infanta Cristina is the best. si si si si......

I absolutely agree with you!!! :D
crisiñaki said:
I absolutely agree with you!!! :D

And I like that Albert Einstein signature you have!
"Sólo hay dos cosas infinitas: el universo y la estupidez humana, y no estoy seguro del primero de ellos" Albert Einstein
or "There are tow things that are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the first one of those two!" Albert Einstein
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The Windsors, (i'm biased coz i'm British though!)

The Jordanian Royal family are really interesting, they're a big family so there's always something going on too, weddings, births etc.... (they're also a very attractive family, on the whole that is!)
My favourite are the Swedish royal family (surprice surprice...)
Vive la famille monégasque.
Viva a Famiya Munegasca
Viva Münegù !
I absoluetly adore the Belgian Royal Family!! :) I really admire the Spanish Royal Family, too! Next would be Norwegian.
I think if we were to do a poll, the Spanish would win followed closely for Dutch and Grimaldi
I prefer the Danish and Dutch RFs over the rest, however I do love QEII.
I beg to differ from the last posters ....

The Royal Family that is the most adorable is that of Crown Prince Haakon.

In m opinion he is the epitomy of the "prince" who brings all romantic stories to life .... among "his set", he's the only one with the most moxie, courage, cojons ... to marry a modern "cinderalla" ... a single mom. What a guy !!!
I follow the princely family of Monaco.
I follow the:
1. British Royal Family
2. Danis Royal Family
3. Princely Family of Monaco
4. Jordanian Royal Family
1. Spanish, specially Infanta Cristina and Family
2. Denmark, specially King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid
3. Greece, specially Princess Alexia and Family
4. Belgium, specially the CP Couple and their children
I only really follow two families religiously (the British and the Danish), and two occasionally (the Spanish and the Swedish)... the others I just sort of read about on this forum. ;)
1. Denmark (Princess Mary) :flowers:
2. Belgium (Princes Amedeo and Joachim) :wub:
3. Norway (Princess Martha Louise and also the whole family as well) :flowers:
4. Luxembourg (The whole family in general, especially intrested in G-D Maria-Thereasa's [son's :wub:]) :flowers:
5. Sweden (Princess Victoria, Madeleine and Prince Carl-Phillip) :flowers: , C-P: :wub:
My favourite is The Swedish royal family, especially Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine
I follow mostly the Princely Family of Monaco because i live in France and i read about them almost every week.I really like the Grimaldis my fav are Pss Caroline and the gorgeous CHARLOTTE!
It started off with the Danes (CP Mary) but now I follow the Norwegians the most, then the Dutch RF.

The dutch family because i live in the Netherlands. But, Maxima is the most beautiful and nicest princess!:flowers:
Mainly the British, a little of Denmark, Luxembourg and Belgium and a tinge of Japanese.
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