Your Favorite Royal Wedding Memory

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From the Swedish wedding after Daniel had finished his speach, everyone was clapping and you could see what Victoria thought at that moment: STOP CLAPPING, I want to toast with him and kiss him.
Mine is also from the Swedish wedding: the moment when the gate at the church opened and the newlyweds walked out, children were singing and you could see that Victoria was about to burst from happines.
LOL...there are so many moments from so many weddings it's hard to pick them. I agree with all the choices listed previously, but here are the moments that stuck with me...

Victoria & Daniel - She brushing away his tears after their vows, on the balcony after a funny moment there was the greatest photo of Daniel relaxed and laughing and Victoria completely at ease leaned back and cracking up (this might be my favorite of all), and the beautiful photo on the balcony shot from behind the royal couple with their arms around each other and heads leaned together.

Willem-Alexander & Maxima - loved the crying during Adios Nonino and their balcony time with Prince Claus, but my favorite was during their vows when they said "Ja" and the crowd outside cheered so loudly they could be heard in the church. Both WA & Maxima's reactions were priceless.

Constantjin & Laurentien - the couple was so happy and composed throughout the service and then...during the vows, tears began to form in her eyes...such a shift in emotion as the moment had finally come, very memorable.

Felipe & Letizia - I would say some of the atrociously attired guests but since this is about the couple, the image of Letizia speaking her vows and looking directly into Felipe's eyes had so many emotions - nervousness, resoluteness (is that a word), responsibility, happiness tempered with some fear. It was very clear that this was a HUGE moment.

Fred & Mary - don't have one particular moment...but I was kind of "put-off" by this one. I never saw a bride who smiled so seldom.

Elena & Jaime - similar to F&M, the exact moment that sticks with me was when Elena reached Jaime's side before the altar and he lifted her veil and was fixing it in the back. At one moment, Elena looks and seems irritated, almost commanding him to "FIX IT" and pointing to her veil in a very agitated was almost like she would have slapped him. Certainly not the exchange I would have expected between a couple marrying one another. Oh well, maybe it was a look into the future.

Haakon & Mette-Marit - other than being struck by how simply elegant and stunningly beautiful the bride was, the images that stick the most from this wedding were Haakon's expressions. This was the one wedding where the groom "glowed". He seemed so happy, fulfilled, and utterly in love with his bride (and still does).

Laurent & Claire - beautiful dress, but the most enduring image was Laurent's tears on the balcony. I can only speculate, but there seemed to be so many overwhelming thoughts for him at that moment...cheers and support from the crowds, elation (and possibly relief) to have found a lovely bride who seemed/seems to love and accept him, and a sense of love, peace, and contentment.

There are many others as well but these are the ones I most remember from recent history.


Actually Prince Claus on the balcony was at his son Constantijn's wedding; Willem-Alexander and Máxima shared the balcony with their bridesmaids.

I don't really have a favourite mental "snapshot" of a wedding, although I was very pleasantly surprised by the first view of Princess Máxima's wedding dress.
After the disappointment that Mette-Marit's dress was to me, this was a huge relief - much more how I envision a royal bride.
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