Your Favorite Member/Members of the Grand Ducal Family?

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Shikha Pal

Jan 1, 2008
Who is your most favorite member of The Grand Ducal family?.

Mine are Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastien!
Thanks for the great question Shikha Pal!:)

In order of preference:

(5 stars each for visiting my country for World Youth Day 2 years ago).:flowers:

1. Prince Guillaume
2. Prince Sebastien
3. Princess Alexandra
4. Grand Duchess Maria-Theresa.
5. The Grand Duke

6. Princess Tessy. She has shown great style recently. I loved that classy black dress!

7. Prince Louis

Prince Louis comes in last only because I've not done my homework and know very little about him.
I love the Grand Duchess, she radiates personality-the good kind.
Just the current family? The first son of Princess Tessy and Prince Louis. He was so adorable as a baby :flowers:

From the past, I would say Elisabeth of Luxemburg, later Princess of Thurn und Taxis.
I find them all very likeable, hard to pick an outright favourite.
Grand Duchess Maria-Theresa by far. She has pure charisma and regality, an unbeatable combination.
I basically like them all. My favorites are Princess Tess, Prince Louis and their two children Gabriel and Noah.
Felix & Guillaume...they're so cute ;)...but I also love MT. Honestly, the whole family is pretty likeable.
^ Henri is very attractive and regal. He looks eternally young.
Grand Duchess Maria-Theresa by far. She has pure charisma and regality, an unbeatable combination.

I like all the members of the family but I prefer Maria Teresa. She has a lot of class, intelligence and as Marie of the Sea said a "pure charisma".
First of all Grand Duke Henry and the wife MT,they make a great couple.
Then Prince Felix,who has a lot of grace,charm and intelligence.Of course the heir Guillaume .
The others are also nice people.
Maria-Theresa and Henri belong to my favorite royal couples.
They both would be my favorites, but of course their children seem quite likable and also attractive, too.
Grand Duchess Maria Theresa is my favorite but I like all the family.
I really love Tessy and her wonderful eyes !
Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa but I also like the rest of the Luxembourg royal family.
Anyone in the family who upholds morals and decorum as a royal family should, and--from what I've read the last few weeks since I came on the Forum--that includes most of them! What a family!

Guillaume and Stephanie will soon be the stars, at least for a while, but all of them are AAA! Make that AAAA!
I am so pleased the way they made Tessy and tots a working part of the family, thus "redeeming the time." Lovely.
Louis and Tessy - for their showing of maturity by taking the diffuculty and responsibility of being parents, while they were nearly children themselves.

But in this family there aren't anyone whom I wouldn't like.
Only late Grand Duchess Charlotte doesn't arouse my sympathy, because of her snobism and disdain towards her daughters-in-law (not only Maria-Teresa but also Helene, as I heard)
I'll have to go with the Grand Duke and Duchess; they look in love with each other after so many years together.
My other favourites would be Louis, Tessy and their sons.
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