Worst Guest Outfit

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For me, it is a close tie between Princess Mabel's and Princess Laurentien's gowns (or whatever they are supposed to be).
Well as previously noted, both are totally tasteless but, I've just realised where the inspiration for the unbelievably awful concept of "cone breasts for weddings" comes from!

Princess Maxima's ensemble wouldn't have been that bad if it weren't all the same colour. As for the hat, let's just say Philip Treacy would be proud of it.
Ah, but where would Maxima be without her "statement" that says "I'm Maxima . . . deal with it!
I actually like Princess Beatrice's outfit. The dress itself is lovely, the jacket - very nice. As for the hat, I initially hated it, but it sort of works for me now.
I love her entire ensemble and her hat is fabulously, gloriously, whimsically, Beatrice. To be honest I'd love to see a few more butterflies but she seems to have been brow beaten to blah!
I wouldn't have minded Eva's gown for most occasions, but she wore it for the wedding of Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit.
Too much cleavage is bad enough, but the back view is arguably even worse.

Not a dress to wear for a royal wedding. Especially if you are hoping that next one will be yours.
Who, with any clues whatsoever would wear such "immodest" tat to a Church wedding?

There is, really, nothing special about a "royal wedding". Just people getting married and guests in all sorts of clothing. The myth of "royalty" is gone, they are just people.
Oh, so I am guessing that we will not hear a lot from you on this or any other "Royal" thread since just people are of little interest let alone a source of interest and spirited discussion.

Marie-Christine of Austria Mabel's is still no. 1 for me, but this one is indeed pretty bad; in itself maybe not such a bad dress, but it seems a bit too small (even smaller than intended) and definitely completely out of place at a church wedding :)
I kept thinking "where the hell is the rest of her dress? Did she have the clothes off her back stolen by Highwaymen on the way to the wedding?

That said, i think Princess Caroline's outfit at the Luxembourg church wedding was pretty bad too...made her look so old...on the right..
Well Mutton dressed as Lamb has that effect!

I agree - I am not a member of the upper class, I come from a family of Italian immigrants, but at a wedding I believe it is respectful to be properly dressed, if only not to steal any attention away from the bride and groom, the 2 most important people at a wedding!!! Dress appropriately no matter what "type" of wedding it is.
Ah but not only is that common sense but also common decency. Unfortunately Common Sense is a most uncommon commodity.
I think Princess Caroline is one of the world's most elegant women. She looked amazing in that Chanel outfit for the Luxembourg Nuptial Mass, imo.

The only other female guest who could hold a candle to her was Letizia, Princess of Asturias.
Surely this deserves a top 10 spot too (or at least an 'honorable mention' :) )
2011 wedding of prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia
Orsini sisters at the church wedding

Lee-Z: Thank you for sharing this photo with us. Totally made me laugh. And, yes, I agree the main problem is the shoes. But, also, those outfits don't seem to be a good choice for the wedding of a prince. :)
Orsini´s sisters at wedding of prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia
Yes, the otfits themselves are not that bad...if it had been a folk-music-festival or something...but not at a traditional church wedding..

Gadzooks, those are the ugliest, most uncomfortably hideous shoes I have ever seen! They look like they are wearing black duct tape on their legs. So ugly:eek:
I think their shoes are fine, although decidedly Goth in the popular sense.
Queen Silvia's outfits at Madeleine and Carl Philip's pre wedding dinners.
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