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A new exhibition opens at Windsor Castle today, November 25, and will be on display till January 31: costumes worn by Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in the wartime pantomimes Aladdin (1943) and Old Mother Red Riding Boots (1944) will be shown in "The Princesses' Pantomimes Display".

The photosession today also allowed a view on this year's Christmas decorations at Windsor Castle:

** gettyimages: GBR: 'The Princesses' Pantomimes' Display And Christmas Decorations Photocall **
The Christmas tree is really magical at Windsor.

We’ve had a bit of snow in Windsor this week
King Henry III of England had the windows of Windsor Castle fitted with glass. At this time period to have windows with glass was considered a luxury.
An investigation/inquiry by Coldstream Guard has found that a fake priest posed as The Duke of Sussex's friend bluffed into Victoria Barracks and spent the evening in the officers’ mess. The intruder was allowed into the barracks near Windsor Castle and provided with meals and drinks. Suspicions arouse about his identity when he was entertaining soldiers with "tall tales". The Telegraph has revealed that whilst the soldiers were taken in by his identity, the local pub landlord was not convinced. The owner turn away the intruder who tried to claim a free meal by declaring he was The Duke of Sussex's friend. This pub incident occurred few days before the barrack intrusion, according to the pub owner. George Ghanem, the manager of Maison Meejana, local Lebanese restaurant near Windsor Castle has also encounter the intruder with conversation him.

A fake priest who sparked a security alert at the Coldstream Guards’ Windsor barracks had earlier tried to trick a pub into giving him a free meal by claiming to be an American friend of the Duke of Sussex, The Telegraph can reveal.
The Coldstream Guards has launched two inquiries after the man, who was wearing a vicar’s dog collar, bluffed his way into Victoria Barracks and spent the night, being wined and dined in the officers’ mess.


The incident occurred last week when the man presented himself to the guards on duty at the barracks close to Windsor Castle, claiming to have a meeting with another military chaplain.

He was allowed inside, where he reportedly began regaling soldiers with a series of increasingly tall tales, prompting suspicion about his genuine identity.
Despite this, he was invited to spend the night in the barracks and was provided with a meal and drinks in the officers’ mess.

The following morning, Thames Valley Police were contacted and he was escorted from the base.

However, The Telegraph can reveal that whilst soldiers who guard the Queen were initially taken in by his fake persona, a local pub landlord was not, turning him away when he tried to claim a free meal by saying he was a personal friend of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Fake priest posed as Prince Harry’s friend and bluffed his way into Windsor barracks
Man who entered Coldstream Guards barracks was known to local officers and pretended he knew the Duke of Sussex, The Telegraph can reveal who sparked,Sussex, The Telegraph can reveal.
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I wonder if King Charles uses Windsor as frequent as his late mother?

He seems more at Clarence House, Buckingham Palace, Saint James' Palace, isn't it?
I wonder if King Charles uses Windsor as frequent as his late mother?

He seems more at Clarence House, Buckingham Palace, Saint James' Palace, isn't it?

I doubt he does; I have often heard that Charles doesn't much care for Windsor and will mostly leave it to William.
I don't think he uses it anywhere near as often as his mother - yet. He certainly doesn't use it as his go to weekend residence as the late Queen use to. She used it Friday-Monday and in time Thursday-Tuesday before living there full time as well as for Ascot and Easter Court. Charles has used it since becoming King, often for a day or two at a time - I wonder if it is something of a "half way house" between Highgrove (1hr 45mins from Windsor) and London (up to an hour or more away from Windsor). I think he'll largely leave it to the Wales' to use if they so wish and for set events and family gatherings (I wonder if the once BP Christmas Lunch will remain as it was this year at Windsor)
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Christmas at Windsor Castle ,its open to the public from November 30th!

Windsor Castle with Christmas decorations.
The Order of the Garter has been used in some decorations.

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