William IV (1765-1837) and Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen (1792-1849)

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Today in Royal History is the 254th birthday of King William IV of the United Kingdom son of George III of the United Kingdom and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz at Buckingham Palace, London. He died age 71 on 20 June 1837.
How many children exactly?

William married Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen in 1819. All their children were stillborn or lived a very short time, so the throne went to William's niece Victoria when he died in 1837.

How many children did William and Adelaide have exactly? I found numbers between 2 and 7, but I have no idea how many children there were. Can anyone shine a light on this?
As per Wikipedia under search for 'Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen'


Princess Charlotte of Clarence:27th of March 1819

Stillborn child:5th September 1819

Princess Elizabeth of Clarence:10th of December 1820-4th of March 1821

Stillborn twin boys: 8th of April 1822
According to tradition, William, Duke of Clarence could not be present when Princess Adelaide arrived in England. The Prince Regent, standing in for the incapacitated King George III, welcomed Princess Adelaide to her new country.
Why were the lives of Queen Adelaide and King William IV considered to be complicated?
William, probably because he had the typical difficult and suffocating/essentially abandoned George III childhood and the ten illegitimate kids with Ms. Jordan... and Adelaide probably because none of her children lived, and she also had to be William's more sensible influence (and succeeded).

But I would say a lot of royals had more complicated lives than that. They were pretty happy together. Victoria liked both of them, probably because they always tried to be nice to her.
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