William and Harry's Inheritance

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Thank you for posting this here.
I had never read this thread before.
It seems an unnecessarily complicated situation iwht regard to the Will. Obviousy Diana did not expect to die so young and probably would have revised her will more than once as she grew older.. but it seems like her Trustees for Will and Harry made things more complicated.
I don't agree. The interest from age 25 and the bulk at 30, about the time when they would start families, makes complete sense.
William will take over the Duchy of Cornwall at some point (we see him being more and more involved with that), he will always have more money so to speak.

I would imagine after the death of the Queen her grandchildren would receive some sort of bequest as well (as we saw happen when the Queen Mother passed). ..then of course again upon the death of Charles.

I'm guessing any principal they rec'd from Diana is well invested.

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