Willem-Alexander & Máxima's Visit to Antartica: February 6-9, 2009

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Blog post re the trip: Gekroonde Hoofden: De Prins en Prinses van Oranje brengen een officieel bezoek aan Chili en Antarctica - 5 tot en met 9 februari 2009

Try lucien's 2nd link to it, in post 331 ashelen, it worked for me. I dont know what to suggest otherwise.

Or this one:

Het Koninklijk Huis


or this,with pics made by Alexander himself:



courtesy HJA's Royalblog

Impressive and unforgettable says Alexander after they camped out at Anchorage Island.His latest blog:

Click on the Koninklijkhuis link for the latest pictures.
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Hi, found this link on Maxima's daytime-fashion thread: royals.web-log.nl: Royale activiteiten (scroll down).

She looks a bit hysterical, drained on two of the pictures. Do you know the reason? Anything went wrong during the trip?
TRH have concluded their visit to Chile and Antarctica and returned in The Netherlands this morning.
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Prior to their trip to Chile and Antartica, Maxima & W-A stopped in Argentina.

"PATAGONIA 2009-02-04 Crown Princess Maxima and her husband crown prince Willem-Alexander has bought a big farm in The Argentine Patagonia Area for U$S 3.500.000. around the house. The farm its in front of a nice river to practice Tuna fishing and kayaks. The main activity of both Princess in their every visit to the Patagonia Argentina. Maxima arrived with Willem-Alexander Monday February 02, 2009 on a private flight from Europe stay for first time on their new house.

La princesa Maxima y su marido se compran un rancho grade en Patagonia på 3 500 000 dollars. El rancho es en frente de un rio y pueden pescar atun y Kayaks ( no se como se dice pero son pequenos barcos de remo). Maxima llego con su marido el lunes en viaje privado y se han quedado por primera ves en sy nueva casa.

Notad que la casa tiene pista de helicoptero"
The Benelux Royals Message Board: They also bought a big ranch near Bariloche, Patagonia
Wow! I didn't know that they were interested in buying property in Argentina. It sounds lovely. I wonder if they purchased it as a place for holidays, or if they purchased it for one of Maxima's relatives? I would love to see photos.
more video

One more video, click on the link, then the ROYALTY-tab, the first video is from Antarctica

As for the property in Argentina, it was bought as an investment, not a vacationhome (for the royals).
Videos are lovely..Thank you for sharing with us.
I watched the videos. Thank you for the videos, Carlota, Prinsesbeagle, and Pirrar. Princess Maxima and Prince W-A seems to have a funny side. I thought it was funny and cute when Maxmia came out of the underground and hugged W-A.
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