Willem-Alexander, Máxima and Family, General News 5: Aug 2023 -

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Isn't there that media code, that would make similar pictures taken in the Netherlands pretty much impossible? So, maybe Her Majesty does do such outings, just the general public never gets to know about it?!

best wishes Michiru
It is indeed. Though my understanding of the code is that they can make the photo and publish it but they will not be invited to the various photo sessions of the court. Though recently an editor of a gossip magazine said he was threatened with law suits as well if he did not withdraw a photo.

Still, they could mention the news. In the Spanish article I did not see a photo either.

Thanks for the additional insights lula. Taminiau says he was lucky he could move to Madrid and open a shop because in the Netherlands his clientele did not order any new outfits during the various lockdowns while in Spain they did.
They are so ugly that they are almost beautiful. But the skill needed to even get this result must be years of practice. I think Queen Máxima has a few of these eggs displayed in a vitrine in her office or library in Huis ten Bosch palace. I remember seeing them in a documentary about the renewed interior of the place.
According to a plane spotter the government plane was today in Pisa, Italy. It implies that the King and Queen were at the farm of Queen Beatrix in Tavernelle for the Easter break.
King Willem-Alexander sent a message on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of NATO (April 4, 1949):

Our life in peace and security seems obvious, but it never is. Together with our NATO allies, we have been defending what we hold dear for 75 years. With NATO we stand strong in the face of all uncertainties, including in the future

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