Will and should Camilla use the title of Queen when Charles becomes King?

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Despite the antipathy towards gradually declining amongst the British public at large and Camilla's popularity continuing to steadily rise, the matter remains out there for debate. I thought it would be useful to create one place on TRF that the matter could be debated.

Here is an article on the issue from the Daily Mail today

When Charles takes the throne, I think Camilla should use the title of Queen. Why? Because that is the reality.

Camilla would be married to the King, its only natural that she be Queen.

Please note I am not for or against Camilla, I couldnt really care either way to be honest. But reality is reality :)
Yes I think she should, because that is what she technically is. However, she might chose not to, in the same way she chose not to be known as Princess of Wales, what she technically is, but Dutchess of Cornwall. For the sake of public opinion, she might back off from her real title yet again. But I personally think, people should have moved on by then and accept a Queen Camilla.

In general I dont like that the female consorts are Queens but the male consorts are only Princes, its as unjust as preferred male inheritance.
"Camilla insists she DOESN'T wish to be Queen because of the memory of Diana"
. Duchess of Cornwall intends to be known as Princess Consort


Camilla is married to the Crown Prince. When he becomes King she will be Queen, regardless of what she or anyone else wants, or even if she wishes to be known by the lesser title of Princess Consort.

To take this title is to diminish her husband. It is not even as if he was widowed (technically). He and his first wife were divorced. She has no place in the future of the monarchy except for the irrefutable fact that she is the mother of the future King.

This is just the Daily Fail muck-raking in the guise of "fairness" once again quoting the ubiquitous Senior Royal Aide/Senior Royal Adviser, because Charles and Camilla seem to have had a very successful tour of South Africa and Tanzania, as demonstrated by the illustrations in the article.

This issue is so contentious, so incendiary, and has such a capacity to wreck havoc and destroy the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, that the author of this piece of unsubstantiated garbage did not dare to put his/her name to it.

Likewise, the Daily Fail declined to print it. Has that ever happened before? No that I am aware of! I wonder why? Does anyone else?

To give this piece of trash a forum on which to fan the embers of a discontent finally receding, is unconscionable. To allow this forum to be so manipulated is a travesty!

Goodbye happy Jubilee, Your Majesty, the Daily Fail has other fish to fry and is feeling your mortality!
I think either the husbands of queens should be called kings or the wifes of kings should be called princesses consort. Why, nowadays, has it to be different only because of sex?
In Camillas's case she will be a Queen, no matter what, but if she wants to be called differently, it is her right.
I think she should be titled Queen.

After all, life is for the living!
I can understand why Camilla didn't choose to use the title Princess of Wales that was so closely associated with Diana.
But Diana died many years ago, and she was never Queen, so I don't see the problem about using the title.
At the moment, the Daily Mail have been running stories about the Duchess almost daily. They've been very favourable, this is what I assume the Daily Mail thinks will be favourable to it's readers. There's nothing new here, no substance and no evidence that HRH has said this. There's something going on with the DM that I can't quite work out but as for this story, it's nonsense. Camilla will be Queen. If they were going to change it, David Cameron would surely have brought it up with the Commonwealth governments at the same time as the succession laws debate?
i too think camila should be queen consort its time to leave the past to rest. princess diana did do good works and wont be forgotten. also if camila is princess consort then what about when the duchess of cambrides title for when william inherits the throne will she be princess consort as well
Will she? I actually think she will definitely use the title of Queen and be crowned with her husband.
Should she? If her choice is to remain "Princess consort" or whatever title she chooses, good for her. :flowers:
I agree with some statements above.
The Daily Mail has been surprisingly and suspiciously kind to the Duchess the past few weeks (and we all know it was clearly NOT the case not so long ago). As i'm glad to see at last the DOC on a positive side thanks to these articles, i'can't help to think that this "i don't want to be queen" story is somewhat fishy...
There wads thread discussing a title for Camilla but it was closed in 2008. Yes she should be Queen Consort as the wife of a King however if she chooses to be known as The Princess Consort her decision is a very respectable one.
The DM as usual has no named sources for its story, but seems to want to stir the Dianaiacs up again. Absolutely no reason why Camilla should not use what would be her legal title, Queen Consort, when the time comes.
I adore Camilla but if she does choose to be known as the Princess Consort I think it'd be a bit ridiculous. Why interrupt tradition to please the lunatic fringe? If it aint broke, don't fix it. And can the monarchy really stand too many changes in this day and age?
I'm also throwing my hat in with the vote that Camilla should be known as Queen Consort. It's hers by right when Charles becomes king, she declined using the POW title although she has every right for its usage but wisely did not because of past association with Diana. If Camilla decides on the Princess Consort title when Charles is crowned, then that's her own decision to make, but as BeatrixFan says, the QC title is legally hers and I feel she should use it.

It's typical of the DM to indulge in its usual muckraking and incendiary tactics to stir things up.
The odd thing is, why now? I mean, this is a story they've reprinted endlessly since 2005 but why now after almost two weeks of very positive daily coverage?
Perhaps because Charles and Camilla are getting positive reviews in Africa and there are certain factions who are anti-Camilla and fear the approval will lead to acceptance of the QC title for her. Who knows? Tabloids exist to muddy the waters; they wouldn't make money if they couldn't keep beating a dead horse, so to speak.
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Is it Camilla's decision to use the title Queen or is it the british government???
I remember years back, after Diana's death, it was impossible for Charles to marry someone who was divorced and the press said it was also impossible for Camilla to become Queen.
Was that untrue or was this made up by the press?
We've had a "Title for Camilla" thread (parts 1 to 4), the last of which was closed in December 2008.
Apart from the regular and ugly diversions into the Charles-Camilla-Diana relationship the reason was, to quote "
there are no actual developments on the subject of Camilla's title after Charles's accession and the thread is just spinning its wheels."

As nothing has changed in the past three years in regard to this subject there is nothing constructive to be gained by revisiting it.

Members who wish to read through the previous discussions can find them here:

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