Who Would You Choose - William or Harry?

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Not A Fair Question!!! :0)

God, I don't know. Actually, out of all of them, Prince Andrew and Peter Phillips (HOT HOT HOT - if I were about 13 HE'D be the posters in my room, you know?:rolleyes:) would be my first picks, but between William and Harry?

I feel sorry for William, given that he lost Diana so young and being the heir can't be easy, in and of itself. But I think he's too deep for me. I think Harry would probably be my pick, although I'd always be worrying about him - but being the youngest, he might like that. Plus, he's got a bit of the best of both worlds - he's a Royal, with all that pomp and circumstance, but he's far enough away from the throne that the backlash he gets for a bit of fun isn't unbearable (which is, for me, the appeal of Prince Andrew).

I'm sure if you were really nice to the future Princess of Wales, she'd lend a tiara or two - plus the future Duchess of Wherever will certainly receive a few lovelies as wedding gifts...hey, Kate and I could get along famously!

So I guess I'll say Harry - lucky guy that he would be....;)
i love that question; but i don't know either. i mean honestly it's hard really because we only know from what we hear instead of what we know personally about them. but even though i think i would pick any one of them; they both have their ups and downs; but i think they're both just really nice guys in the end...could i be wrong?? :p
I would choose Harry, William is a bit awkward and shy in person, where Harry is lively and funny... But Wiliam is really sweet aswell, he's just a bit too old for me...
I definitely say William. He's gorgeous. Ive had a crush on him since I was 8 and I'm in my twenties so do the math..lol. But he's just my idea of "Prince Charming" and Im attracted to his shyness and seriousness. He seems cool, calm and collected and those are the qualities that I am attracted to in a man. I think Harry is cute with a great personality but a little too wild for me.
yeah william looks like the prince charming , but, harry looks like the modern prince charming hehe he's so cute
I choose William, but he hasn't been too handsome like he is last years. and Harry seems more funny. but William is inteligent and charming.
Hi everyone,

I would choose william. He has everything that you would need... brains, charm and looks! :wub:

Oh, our royal men are not so lovely or sound. I always think that the Prince of Asturias is lovely, sound and reliable. Lucky that former news reader for sure.
Who Would You Choose - William or Harry?

Of course William!....................... he is so dashing, Handsome,Great,Tall.
i prefer harry for his physics but william for his mind.......
William because He is also handsome than Harry......Look at his smile his teeth all look so good but Harry......his teeth have a big gap between they don`t look good........
All lovers of Diana can see Diana reflecting in William and Harry reflect with his father charles............
And The Most important thing Wills in the next King!OMG
though there is a different in age he is ten years older than me.........
But i still like William.
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Harry! A very straightforward character - Go Harry!
Before I liked William more,but now I will chose Harry.I think he is not confident in himself and that he is good and he lives in shadow all his life...and for his charitable soul ! I'm sure that Diana if she was alive would be proud of both her sons!

I agree! :flowers: And I would choose Harry as well. William in the meantime seems to be a bit bland...
Harry has always been my fave so I'd chose him without a doubt
Hmmmmmm, I love this question. William, like his physique, intelligence, and sensitivity. Harry would be a cool brother-n-law, though.

Most importantly, I would be a fan-tab-u-lous future Queen of England. (kidding, of course!)
If I were 20 or 25 years younger...William. Definitely William.:flowers:
William for definete. But if I were Queen i would have to change my first name. :flowers:
What a cute thread. Harry seems funner but William seems more responsible. My verdict: undecided. :hmm:
What? We can only pick one of them? You mean I can't have them both? :D Yea I'm greedy!
:whistling: I'm having a tough time deciding which one I want least. The William package contains crazed paparazzi, 24/7-365 flashing camera bulbs and a legion of female fans. The Harry package contains a beautiful blond on-off girlfriend who randomly jets in from her exotic homeland to steal away his heart.
I think if pushed I'd choose William because he appears to have a deep personality.
Who would I choose? William or Harry? I choose George Clooney.
:previous::lol::clap:He's not in the mix but he's a nice choice!!!

Since the initial question doesn't specify what we're choosing one of them for..........I choose William to rule, and although they're both too young for me, Harry for........fun.
i will pick william he is so hot and looks like his uncle charles earl spencer
Prince William, no... Prince Harry, no... Arrrggghhh, I can't decide! They're both cute! <3
William seems to be more like a serious person and Harry seems to be a much more fun person than William. But William is more gorgeous than Harry.
So, 50:50. :)
William i think. He's seems more serious and well educated! But my kind-of boyfriend looks more like Harry, so I can't decide! haha :D
:lol:William: Mondy through Wednesday.
Harry: Thursday-Sunday:)
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