Who is the best looking al-Maktoum?

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Who is the best looking al-Maktoum?

  • Sheikh Rashid

    Votes: 65 21.7%
  • Sheikh Hamdan

    Votes: 137 45.8%
  • Sheikh Maktoum

    Votes: 6 2.0%
  • Sheikh Majid

    Votes: 46 15.4%
  • Sheikh Saeed

    Votes: 5 1.7%
  • Sheikh Mansour

    Votes: 10 3.3%
  • Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum

    Votes: 16 5.4%
  • Sheikh Ahmed

    Votes: 14 4.7%

  • Total voters
Physically, I have to say Hamdan, but because of what he accomplished at such young age, for his intelligence and, obviously, because his my favorite Maktoum, I've to choose mr. Maktoum Hasher. :graduate:
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i think hamdan is the best but ahmed is very handsome too.
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The Best Looking Al Maktoum for me ( in particular order )

1). Hamdan Bin Mohammed
2). Majed Bin Mohammed
3). Maktoum Hasher
4). Mansour Bin Mohammed
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Greatly admired and loved

The best looking guy from Al Maktoum family for me is Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum who have great look from every side.
Personally i think Sheik Ahmed looks particularly good with sunglasses on. And on a more general note- up to date who is the most likely candidate to succed Sheik Mo in becoming CP? and is it likely to be announced any time soon?
By the way jamila, if you ever meet Rashid and you wont tell us or take any photos, I’ll :bangin: you up! :p
I have just removed a bunch of off topic posts. This thread is for Who is the best looking al-Maktoum, not who would be the best Crown Prince. Please stay on topic.

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D'arcy said:
Humera, who's your favorite?

I dont know much about any of these guys, so I basically voted for the one I thought was the most attractive ie., Hamdan.
i think hamdan is the best looking one of them all, but he needs to be careful because he seems to be getting fat !
I think Sheikh Rashed is the best.
faithlove said:
i think hamdan is the best looking one of them all, but he needs to be careful because he seems to be getting fat !

I agree with you!!!:lol:
Only two days to go before the poll closes. Those of you who haven't had a chance to cast your vote, please do so now.

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I really really 100% sure that HAMDAN (fazaa) is the best good looking in AL-Maktoum and in the UAE :wub: :graduate: :angel:
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they all have their strengths and weaknesses in the looks area...
but id have to say Shaikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum is the best looking, then Shaikh Rashid a close second.

I know all the emarati girls think that Shaikh Hamdan is the best looking, but i have met him, and i dont find him to be that attractive to me...
but then i do like an older man! hahaha

one thing i noticed is that Shaikh Maktoum and Shaikh Hamdan look liek they could be twins except for the fact that Shailh Maktoum is heavier looking!

peace, love, respect:flowers:
I don't know who is the best ;) Rashid,Ahmed,Mansour,Hamdan are so cuteee:wub:
Why there are no such pretty boys/men in Poland??:bang:
I would have to say that Hasher Maktoum is the better looking one.
as for me, i choose Sheikh Rashid, but Sheikh Hamdan it only obout his good looking.
[/B]actually sheikh handan is the best out of all al maktum family
I believe sheikh hamdan is the most good looking, but i admire sheikh maktoum hasher maktoum!!
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