Where do they live?

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Perhaps he doesn't have enough funds to keep up an estate like the Horsten? His 3 aunts all received considerable inheritances from Q. Wilhelmina and were able to buy/build a nice place. And later they received a substantial inheritance from their parents. Prince Constantijn will most likely have less private funds at his disposal.

Of course the couple likes city-life. If not the Eikenhorst they may have found another place at the estate, like some of his cousins did. Though there was some controversy about that which they may want to avoid. I don't think that there will be many free-standing properties with big gardens and privacy available in The Hague/Wassenaar for only 990.000 euros.

Perhaps they will continue to use the Eikenhorst as an extra guest residence until CA will get married.
Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien have bought a house in the Benoordenhout district of The Hague. The Benoordenhout is a stately district with houses built between 1925-1935. At first sight it does not really look like a house for the brother of the King. The house (built 1926) seems to have a protected status and has nice details.

But there are so many, many, many fabulous estates in The Hague. A bit of a strange choice. Or the couple must really like a house built in this period (the style is called "Delftse School").

The house (currently in restoration, so it will possibly look different after it)

Side view 1

Side view 1 in the 1930's


Detail of the window panes

Vestibule (entrance hall)

Stairway and elevator with glass-in-led windows

Second stairway with glass-in-led windows

Ceiling salon downstairs
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It is a lovely house with lovely details of the Delftse school.

It seems that the building you have shown also belongs to the property. So the house is not restricted to the part that is located on the Burnierstraat. The lower floor windows -with bars- can be seen in the website in post #11. The renovations must have been very extensive indeed as 990.000 euros is nothing for a house of this size, even in The Hague.

It seems the place is a few steps away from the Koninginnegracht and only one block away from the Shell buildings, so centrally located indeed.
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The site of monumentenzorg Den Haag describes it as "een voormalig herenhuis met een personeelswoning" ("a former mansion with staff house"), originally designed for the family De Mol van Otterloo.

It has two wings, the longer one at the 't Hoenstraat, the shorter wing at the Burnierstraat with an extrance to the garden and a staff house. The corner 't Hoenstraat / Burnierstraat has an entrance to an indoor car parking, which was -back then in the 1930's- an eyecatcher.

It is a protected building because "traditionalistic workmanship and high quality of the Delftse School is combined with expressionist details from the Amsterdamse School as well the location in a landscapely nice part of the Benoordenhout district".

New house in The Hague (the one with the orange rooftiles)

It is bigger than it looks from the outside.

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Just to pick up on something discussed in another thread here, Princess Beatrix sold a townhouse this year in the Hague adjoining Palace Lange Voorhout. Apparently Constantijn and his family did live there temporarily a few years back so maybe they have certain ideas of what they want/style of house and this matched that.
Yes, I had the idea, how could they move in such a small house? But from above it is bigger than it looks when you see it from the street: three houses with rooftops but in between it is detached with an invisible roof. Now I understand why it has an elevator and two glass-in-led stairways.


Just restore the house completely spic-and-span, fill it with a mix of modern art and some eye-catchers from the Orange-Nassau collection, put royal gold-, silver- and crystalware on the dining table in the main salon, loan some uniformed staff from bro WA and they have a representative house.

But still the mansion they left (the house at the right hand side of this picture) appeals more to me. Maybe it lacks privacy as the big mansion next door, the former office of Queen Beatrix, is now a museum.
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Princess Irene has is moving from Wassenaar to Doorn. She has bought a house worth 2,65 million Euros. The villa is located on a plot of 4380 square meters.

The was announced by a spokesperson for the princess, Michelle Labouchere (undoubtable related to Martine van Loon-Labouchere).

Only two years ago the princess moved from Wijk bij Duurstede to Wassenaar, to be closer to her children and grandchildren, but now she is moving back to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

The Princess seems to have plenty of cash, despite rumours that she has exhausted her heritage in paying for the bottomless pit named "Carlism" and for the Château de Lignières.
Prince Bernhard and his family will apparently move from his house on the Weteringschans to another one on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.



The new house costs 7 million Euros and consists of 3 different appartments/adresses.
Although the prince will live here with his familhy, part of it will be used as an office. The studio apartment of 50 square meters will be used by his son Samuel, who will be living on his own.
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Where do Princess Beatrix's sisters live?
Where do Princess Beatrix's sisters live?

Princess Margriet

Huis Het Loo is build in the early 1970's under the direction of the Amsterdam architect M. Evelein and is private property of Princess Margriet. The house consists of three parts: a private area, an official area and an office area. These three parts are interconnected.


Princess Irene

The Princess has a number of properties in- and outside the Netherlands, her latest residence is a villa in a forest near Doorn, close to her sister Princess Beatrix:

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