What is your opinion about Philippe and Mathilde?

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Oh, you are so right. There is indeed nothing wrong with Phillippe. And indeed no scandals to tell you. There is just nothing to tell but how nice this family is and how scandal-free Philippe is. But why attacking the prince?

Because there is a strong Flemish front here who wants to end the monarchie. They say it is oldfashion and undemocratic. But people used to say: so what they are nice people, we are attached to our royal family, we like them. So, what did the anti-monarchists do: attacking the persons instead of the institution. But hey, they had a problem! No bad girls, no drinking parties, no accidents, nothing. The prince is just a normal man, with normal interests and a normal IQ. But oops, wasn't he a little bit nervous then, and oh he asked the same question twice, uh-uh doesn't he look a bit uncertain? Yes yes, he seems a bit introvert. Probably he will be stupid too. We don't think he is fit to become a king. The republicans are just researching every detail about him and criticise him on very small things and mostly untrue! (e.g. Vandenberghe and Vandendriessche) It is just such a pitty for him, 'cause he's doing his best, he has become more open during the years, but still, he's not very popular, because of the not-so-interessting image.
:sad:How terribly unfair. No scandals=you're boring, some scandals=you're a disgrace. Doesn't seem like a situation anyone could win in. I suppose if I were in such a position I would be a bit on the nervous side myself. I hope they can manage it and carry on as well as they have been. And I hope the country stays together. The heroes of 2 world wars didn't sacrifice all just so the country could later destroy itself.

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They are a wonderful family - pretty normal and down to earth comes to mind when I think of them.

Unfortunately being a wonderful couple fully invested in the interests of their country, won't be enough to keep Belgium as a monarchy in today's political reality. It' kind of similar situation as in Spain - it'd be a waste of high level human and national resources if ever our countries turn to a Republic ...unfortunately, that's the way we're going.
I think Mathilde and Philippe are great, they're great parents. They show thier country to the world with grace and manner
I know it's not possible (dynastically-speaking) but after the old King hands over the reins, I would like Mathilde to be reigning Queen.

Okay, shoot at me....

I think that they both do good work for Belgian trade and for charities but I wish that Mathilde had nicer clothes.
He reminds me of Queen Elizabeth's father(not that I was around back then but from what I have learned) someone who lacked the charisma and personality but had a tightknit family life.
Maybe he will grow into the role as well.
I really like them.I think Philippe would rather be boring than have a life full of scandals.They seem like very good parents and a hard-working couple.
They strike me as an old fashioned kind of couple and that's precisely why they work, both are the kind of people who like to go on their business without too much fanfare.

The CP couple work hard and I consider them a great asset for their country, all the economic missions they are doing show it.

And I'm kinda jealous of Mathilde for getting him but can't really hate her, she's simply a perfect fit for Philippe ;)
The republicans are just researching every detail about him and criticise him on very small things and mostly untrue! (e.g. Vandenberghe and Vandendriessche) .

Just a small non-royalty information:
Vandendriessche was chief -editor of the tv show Royalty
He is now member of the N-VA (the separatist party) and he was put first on the list in the town of Bruges, so he wanted to ran for Mayor.

But several accusations of women against him prevented that. They talked about sexual intimidation and assaults.

It was a huge slap in the face for him. (Just what he deserves, certainly knowing all the nonsense he has said about the royal family)
They appear to be a loving and strong couple. They've created a beautiful family and seem to have a close bond.
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