Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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Awww. Lovely how much they enjoy each other's company.

Such a cute natural moment
Coming from separate events, a quick kiss as a greeting :flowers:

they give a very good vibe together
Albert and Charlene, along with their twins, are fast becoming one of my favorite Royal couples/families!:p
:previous:Lovely. The Queen with her first grand-daughter. Finally someone who enjoy ballet as much as her ;)
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a couple of pictures showing how close the dutch, spanish and bulgarian RFs are, taken at kardam's funeral:

letizia greeting laurentien

the dutch RF travelled to spain in full to attend the funeral of kardam, they were apparently close: beatrix, maxima, WA, laurentien and constantijn were in attendance

the king and queen greeting the bulgarian RF (Even though this is a private event, it is interesting to see that protocol is strictly followed: maxima and WA greeted the king and queen of the bulgarians ahead of beatrix, and they started by the king and queen of the bulgarians prior to greeting the widow)


a very touched beatrix greets miriam ungria:
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Very touching moment between Louise and her Granny. It would appear to be from the Royal Windsor Horse Show last month, am I correct?

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Yes that is what I believe, I loved this picture because we very rarely see HM as just a grandmother in public :flowers:
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