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I believe that the Web is victim of constant hacker attacks, I do not know the interest and objective that these have, I imagine that they do not want people to follow the Royal family, I know that this is so, because the website of Prince Nikolaos carries months linked to a Chinese link, without a doubt this is the work of Hackers ???

And the announcement of the wedding, and the wedding of Prince Philippos were not published, which is why the official photos were not properly distributed among the media.

It is obvious that those who are behind the attacks on the web, are not very democratic, they do not like freedom of expression
Interview with Prince Pavlos and Prince Nikolaos

Mrs. Kennedy paid a courtesy visit to The Greek Royal Family at the Tatoi Palace outside Athens.

The arrival of HRH Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark to Athens, in 1964.

29 Feb 1964:
When King Paul became seriously ill, Princess Anna Maria, engaged to Crown Prince Constantine, came to Athens to stay with the Royal Family.

A children's choir visits the Royal Palaces of Athens and sang Christmas carols for King Constantine II, Queen Anne Maria and Princess Alexia.

Official doxology in the Diocese of Athens for the celebration of the new year (1967):
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18/09/1965 - 18/09/1965

As part of the celebration of the first anniversary of their marriage, King Constantine and Queen Anna-Maria are photographed in the gardens of the Royal Palaces of Athens together with the Successor Alexia. The Greek royal couple is framed by the King Frederick IX of Denmark, the Queen Ingrid of Denmark and the Princess Benedikte of Denmark.

1. A children's choir sings New Year's carols for King Constantine II, Queen Anna-Maria and Princess Alexia.

2. Members of the royal family and other authorities attend the official doxology for the celebration of the new year (1967), which takes place in the Metropolis of Athens.

3. During a special ceremony, King Constantine II cuts the cake for the Palace Guard.

The royal family of Greece in the Royal Palace and in Tatoi 1962.
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