Unfortunate Royal Moments / Experiences

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Mette-Marit's Sunburn

:sad: YOW! Poor, poor girl! While I have an olive tone to my skin, my mother has a complexion as fair as Mette-Marit... which usually forces her to keep out of the sun altogether.

The folks who set up that interview shouldn't be invited back...
Wowza that sunburn looks painful! Could someone please explain what "een beetje dom" means? Thanks
Will's princess said:
Wowza that sunburn looks painful! Could someone please explain what "een beetje dom" means? Thanks
'Een beetje dom' means 'A bit stupid'. A couple of weeks before the engagement W-A got mad at the press, because they didn't check their sources and only told their side of the story, according to the prince. He pointed out that he had read a letter in a paper which stated that Maxima's dad had nothing to do with the people who disappeared in Argetina during the Videla regime. Later, this letter turned out to be written by Videla himself. How about checking out your sources yourself, W-A? :ermm: When the two got engaged, some journalist refered to this event and Maxima told that this stupid remark of W-A to the press was 'een beetje dom'. It actually wasn't that painful for Maxima. She saved her fiance by breaking in with this sentence, which now is very common in Dutch language when you want to tell someone in a subtile manner that he's behaving in a stupid way... ;)

I found a short video of this moment:
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Her_Majesty said:
Wow. According to that story she had second degree burns. That is not sunburn, it is criminal incompetence on the part of the interviewer. I hope someone at least got fired.
As for Mette-Merit even being seen in public looking less than her beautiful self the following week, IMHO it took more guts than most people, let alone royalty, have.:flowers:
I remember that horrible burning incident...
the only thing I always wondered... Is that possible that that you don't notice that immediately, stay for the interview, if you are burnt like THAT?
It looks really severe! Howcome they look fine now, I mean the burn did not leave any marks, lucky them.
purple_platinum said:
I'm sure these must be one of the most unpleasant moments for Queen Sofia of Spain.

falling over or tripped over in front of her husband, and the President of USA, Bill Clinton

(photo from getty)
Hillary's look and stance are so "ice princess." She didn't even flinch to help Queen Sophia. I think she looks rude.
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I can't even imagine the embarassment the royals must feel when tripping over in public, especially at The White house. :ohmy:

Even if I just trip up in the street I always wonder how many people actually saw me :lol:
Personally, I just wonder what I fell in :lol:
Verde Esmeralda said:
Victoria of Sweden, knocking down a pillar during her recent visit to The Keukenhof, NL.
Hilarious, but certainly also embarrassing ...


Yes, but she knows how to turn the moment into her favour.:ohmy: :lol:She did very well.
She is a perfect "proffesional of Royalty" . When she has some accident, she turns it into a joke. Princess Victoria is always laughing and smiling. This is the kind of Royals I like: funny, warm and demonstrative, but at the same time, very close to protocol rules. They are hilarious and close to their people, but without broking protocol rules.

Mishaps which occurs to Royal Ladies

:) :) Most or All Royal Ladies are accompanied by dresser/maid on their tours I am surprised to see ladies being exposed to the gush of wind. Ordinary women take precaution of this embarissng occurance. There are led like lace which their taylor could sew in their hemline and would not be detectable. It would help keep the dressess from blowing up. I am also shock that their seamstress did not advise them to use this lace/led. on their clothing. Afterall they are in the public eye and they should be more careful also they are hat pins which can help secure the hats being blown away as I said before ordinary women us these items.:wub:
Question: Do royal ladies wear slips?
I was wondering because the picture of Queen Paola came to mind, the one were her skirt is flying up around her....
Her_Majesty said:
This must have been a very unpleasant moment for Märtha-Louise:

http://www.theroyalforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15342&d=1062556472 :ermm:

Poor her. Hope she didn't hurt. (Picture was taken in 2002)

Ouch. I'm sure she did feel some sort of pain! I mean falling from that height from a horse can do damage (speaking from a painful experience!) :lol:

I remember seeing photos of Princess Anne falling from her horses during the 70s and 80s. One time she even lost consciousness, I guess she got of lightly, considering some of the terrible things that happen to riders. :ohmy:
Well, we have never had a Janet Jackson-style exposure, to my knowledge, meaning full exposure. But yes, royal ladies have had that Marilyn Monroe skirt blowing up happen to them. Poor Letizia had videos made when her dress blew up last year, exposing her tighty-whities. Older royals, a couple of decades ago, wouldn't have been photographed like that- but that was then. Now, if your skirt rides up, it is on the internet in five minutes!
I've seen some pic of Prince Charles od Wales falling down the horse. It was in the 70's and 80's I think.

And they have not so wonderful photo cameras, back then, you couldn't took an "instantaneous snapshot", but Empress Sissi falled more than once from a horse, and once, she even hurt herself a lot. She injured her head, and even lost consciousnes. She hardly knew where she was...

Oh, how funny! Thank you for submitting this pic. But Princess Diana was always elegant, even in this kind of situations, you know...:rolleyes:

During Queen Margrethe's birthday balcony wave at on April 16, 2007.

Frantically waving at the crowd Prince Christian accidentally pokes Mary in the eye. Click here and scroll down to post #147 to see the photo series originally posted by Her Majesty.

:lol: Sorry to laugh, but it is slightly funny.
It is funny! Christian just goes on waving, and Fred is oblivious.
You can almost hear the "America's Funniest Videos"-style audio captions.
First pic- waving, waving, (sound like windsheld wipers)
Second Pic- bonk (like a bad bicycle horn)
Third- Ohh.
Ouch!! I feel for Mary. I wonder if she was seeing stars for a second or two?:wacko:
Queen Elizabeth II's hat blew away in Oman in the 1980's during a welcoming ceremony while the National Anthem was being played. There are a good set of pictures of the incident in Tim Graham's book "Jubilee".
Jo of Palatine said:
Don't think they would print the pics there. But Rania should really wear a body underneath her clothes if she decides to wear such a short jacket...:)

The jacket isn't actually that short. It looks more like the skirt has slipped down a bit or something; it hardly looks like she intended to show any of her stomach.
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