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PRIncess Nilhan Sultan will be comreror from the 2. ISTAnbul fashion show in 28.May
Link with Photos translated Abdul Hamid's beautiful granddaughter is going on server - Celebrities Galleries
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Ottoman descendants were buried in Paris - UAV
News from the funurel today translated link

Fevziye Osmanolu was buried in Paris - Turkish TRT News
The news from.the funural from.today with photos
Translated link

Osmanlý hanedanýndan Fevziye Osmanoðlu'na son görev -
Video news from the funureal

Süleyman Dilsiz, Selçuk Basa, Burçin Büke ve Nilhan OsmanoÄŸlu Hafta Sonu Keyfi'nde - 13.04.2014 10:00:00 - Hafta Sonu Keyfi -
Princess nilhan osmanoglu was yesterday at cnn turk the link of the video
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God bless her she was a great princess :(

I found her last photo feom 2005 from the official ottoman facebook page


News from today : the news about the funural from princess fevziye sultan in translated Blucinl congregation thankful! Funerals used to be in the shadow of the cross was removed - Murat Bardakçi - HABERTURK

2. Princess nilhan osmanoglu was on a turkish tv cnn turk and annonces that she is 2. Time pregnant news with video
Ä°ÅŸte Osmanlı Hanedanı'nın yeni üyesinin adı... - CNN TÃœRK
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the Birthdays from living princes and princesses:
Prince Şehzade Turan Cem Efendi born on 7 January 2004*
Prince Maximilian Ali*Sutton Sultanzade born 15 January 2000
Princess Ayşe Gülnev Sultan was born in 17 January 1971
Princess Gülhan Saadeddin Osmanoglu Sultan born 30 January 1968


Prince Sehzade Harun Osmanoglu Efendi, born 10 February 1932
Prince Sehzade Yavuz Selim Osmanoglu Efendi , born 22 February 1989
Princess Rana Killigil Hanimsultan born 26 February 1926

Princess Nilüfer Cem Sultan , born 19 March 1953
Princess Ayshe Louise Nazim Sultan, born 21 March 1964
Princess Tatyana Aliye Sutton Hanimsultan born 25 March 2005
Princess Nermin Zoe Osmanoglu Sultan , born 29 March 1988

Prince Lysander Cengiz Sutton Sultanzade born 12 April 2003
Prince Sehzade Tamer Nihad Efendi born 15 April 2006
Prince Sehzade Batu Bayezid born 23 April 2008
Prince Sehzade Mahmud Francis Namık born 27 April 1975


Prince Touran Ibrahim Rateb Sultanzade born 3 May 1950
Prince Sehzade Roland Selim Kadir born 5 May 1948
Princess Nilüfer Osmanoglu Sultan born 5 May 1995
Princess Nilhan Osmanoglu Sultan born 25 May 1987


Prince Sehzade Ömer Abdulmecid Osmanoglu 4 June 1941
Prince Sehzade Ziya Resad Osmanoglu born 6 June 2012
Princess Margot Leila KAdir Sultan born 17 June 1947
Prince Sehzade Mehmed Ziyaeddin Nazim Born 18 June 1966
Prince Beyazid Osman(44.Head of Osman) born 23 June 1924


Princess Hanzade Vatansever Hanimsultan born 2 July 2013
Prince Sehzade Orhan Suleiman Saadeddin born 16 July 1959
Prince Ferdinand Ziya Sutton Sultanzade Born 26 July 2006


Prince Sehzade Abdulhamid Kayihan Osmanoglu born 4 August 1975
Prince Sehzade Orhan Osmanoglu born 25 August 1963
Prince Sehzade Rene Osman Abdul Kadir born 25 August 1975


Prince Sehzade Selim Cem born 5 September 1955
Prince Sehzade Hasan Orhan born 9 September 1946
Prince Cosmo Tarik Sutton Sultanzade born 10 September 2001
Princess Fatma Necla Germann Sultan born 14 September 1933
Princess Sehzade Mehmed Ziyaeddin born 17 September 1947
Prince Sehzade Daniel Adrian Hamid Kadir 20 September 1975
Prince Nazim Ziyaeddin Nazim Osmanoglu born 24 September 1985

Princess Berna Osmanoglu Sultan born 1 October 1998
Princess Perihan Suleiman Saadeddin Sultan born 2 October 1963
Prince Sehzade Mehmet Selim born 3 October 1943

Prince Sehzade Genghis Nazim born 20 November 1939
Princess Nurhan Osmanoglu Sultan born 20 November 1973

Prince Sehzade Selim Süleyman Osmanoglu born 15 December 1979
Prince Sehzade Orhan Murad Osmanoglu born 26 December 1972
Prince Sehzade Dündar Osmanoglu born 30 December 1930
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PRINCE Sehzade orhan Murad with his wife miss emine and her sons Princr Sehzade turan cem and the Newborn Prince (2006) Prince Sehzade Tamer nihad
Lovely Photo from haber10.com
Magnificent Century 'series, because of the murdered Prince Mustafa scene, to the members of the Ottoman dynasty phone and through social media insults rained overnight. Haber 10 - Son ?ehzadeler Mustafa'n?n katline ne dedi?
Why people was angry?? The TV sho just follows history and it is not House of Osman actual members' fault what happenned 500 years ago!!
Personnally I love this show, unfortunately they do not show now in Greece the 4th cycle, we all hope that it will start again in october.
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Why people was angry?? The TV sho just follows history and it is not House of Osman actual members' fault what happenned 500 years ago!!
Personnally I love this show, unfortunately they do not show now in Greece the 4th cycle, we all hope that it will start again in october.

The people from turkey were angry to the royal family i dont
They hate Ottoman because nationalists wabt it since 20s. And political, culturel differences. For example in ottoman era there was lots of peoples in there, nations, religions, races. But now...

Lord Minister Evaoglou Captain Alexakis A. Ilker Sancak of Manahosz of Surmenia-Trabzon (Καπετανος Αλεχακις δο Ποντος)
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