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Well, in Germany the TNT sale was sort of a joke. A lot of people called it a "glorified yard-sale" full of the cast-offs from the princely family. Most of the better jewellery was actually auctioned in Geneva, but many of the favorite pieces of the fuerstin and family were actually kept. In some cases, she sold jewels that nobody had seen before, so who knows the extant of the collection at this point?!...She still has the ruby and sapphire tiaras (which she has worn since), and at least one or two more. And 3-4 tiaras is certainly enough for one family that has few occasions to wear them.
Are you sure that the TNT family ownes today 3-4 tiaras. I thought she sold the complete collection. In the german tv Gloriy said that the german nobility was shocked about the auction of the jewels.
I had seen Gloria two years ago in Berlin. It was the introducing of her tea-collection inm the berliner shop THE CORNER. Gloria is indeed a great women!
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She may have sold all of it. Most of the jewels were extremely valuable and of little use to her when she was trying to save her son's inheritance.
Princess Gloria did not sell the whole collection at all.
The impression might result from her wearing not a lot of jewelry in public these days, but she was indeed photographed wearing for example the ruby tiara, the sapphire tiara as well as the emerald tiara long after the auction.
A new photo as a piece of circumstantial evidence;)

First of all the link to the new photo:

I have tried to be Miss Marple:whistling:

We can see here, on this picture Gloria. She is wearing one of the tiaras about we have spoken.
This photo is from 1997.
I don´t know in which year the grand jewelry auction was, could somebody tell it to me.
If the auction was before 1997 we will know that it is possible that there are also today some tiaras in the thurn and taxis family.:angel:
The photo is actually from the pre Wedding Ball of Alois of Liechtenstein and Sophie in bavaria at nymphenburg in 1993. I don't know for sure but i believe the auctions where before. And for the WEdding Ball of Fleur of Württemberg in 2003 Gloria whore the emerald tiara and this occasion was after the autions.
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The long ruby and diamond earrings of Sachsen-Coburg provenance have been sold recently I believe at Christie's. I'll have to check their sold lot archive, but I'm certain they are the same. Gloria still has a decent amount of jewellery that we've seen from time to time long after the original sales. She, like many aristocrats and royals, seems simply to have been lightening the loads of excessive family jewellery collecting.
Do you know if the jewels of Thur and Taxis family appear in "Famous jewelery collectors" by Stefano Papi?

Yes. A simple Google search would have answered your question.
I love these tiaras!

Pic Pic2 Pic3

Beautiful! I love the leaf and floral design on the second tiara.
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The second picture is my favorite, love the delicate and intricate design of the floral romantic!!
The pearl tiara is amazing. Pearls are so huge.
All of them are beautiful, but IMO, one cannot beat a pearl tiara. I like the third one too, as it is unusual.
While the pearl and floral tiaras are stunning, my personal favourite is the third one; it has a really regal look to tit.
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I love these tiaras!

Pic Pic2 Pic3

Beautiful! I love the leaf and floral design on the second tiara.

Any info on the gorgeous third tiara? They are all three equally exquisite, but as much as I want to say Empress Eugene's is the prettiest one -I have to say that the third tiara is just stunning, too!

Can anyone share any info on origin or anything of that nature?
Where is this emerald set now? Does anyone know?

it is still in the family. Fürstin Gloria wore it in 2003 at the Wedding Gala of Duchess Fleur of Württemberg.
Are there any pictures of Gloria's daughters wearing any of the family jewels? Elizabeth in a tiara would be interesting and lovely to see.
Are there any pictures of Gloria's daughters wearing any of the family jewels? Elizabeth in a tiara would be interesting and lovely to see.
No. I think they first time they will wear a tiara is for their Wedding. Also the Duchesses in Bavaria have worn a tiara the first time on their Wedding Day or pre-Wedding Gala.
And those matching earrings and necklace are pretty impressive as well. I'm glad she was able to retain a keepsake or two from the good old days!
She used to have emerald earrings that came from Princess Olga of Yugoslavia’s collection, but that was sold too. Gloria used to have an Indian style necklace and it was sold too.
Yes those very ones. They are lovely

I think we need to be careful to make the distinction between royal families, like those of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc (as well as their non-ruling counterparts), and noble families such as the Thurn und Taxis. Because the head of the house is the Fuerst, this makes the family a Fuerstenhaus (roughly equivalent to a princely family). Yes, they were fabulously wealthy, would have qualified as part of the Uradel (old nobility), and had landholdings in several parts of Europe, but they did not rank the same as royal families. In the Holy Roman Empire (from whence the T&T gained their monopoly), they would have ranked below the electors and many dukes. Ranking below them would be more minor princes, all comital titles, and barons.

I'm afriad that I have to disagree with some of the things that hrhcp has alluded to on the previous page. Although I commend Fuerstin Gloria's support of the arts, there is clearly a reason why her over-the-top jet-set lifestyle attracted so much attention. Even by royal standards, it was a bit excessive and shameless (part of me really loves that). I also will not make any attempt to defend the behaviour of her husband, the Fuerst Johannes, but I will say that they both shared equally in the hedonistic lifestyle. I think that Grafin Gloria gained a lot in her marriage to the aging Fuerst, and I can understand why many people would have interpreted her as a gold digger.

I personally believe that there is a sort of fall-out when royal and noble families lose their legal status as such (the "Fuerst" von Thurn und Taxis only excercises the role as Head of the House, not any sort of ruling Fuerst). Long accustomed to lavish lifestyles accompanied by duties to the state, I think that many royals and nobles sunk into very unbalanced lifestyles once they were unable to perform their socio-political duties. By unbalanced, I am referring to the fact that party princes like Johannes and Gloria in the 1980s lived in such a way that it was as if they forgot the source of their fabulous wealth--the state (and ultimately its citizens). This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest psychological problems caused by the abolition of monarchy and the noble system.
The Thurn und Taxis actually used to own a principality but it was mediatized. Plus they made lots of marriages with the ruling dynasties.
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New Auction

There are a number of items for coming up for auction at Christies, the annual Geneve jewel auction and a slightly earlier important jewlery auction, that come from the Thurn und Taxis family.
I think its being sold by the Bohemian/Czech branch of the family. One of the items is a pearl necklace that was a wedding gift from Prince Gaetano of Bourbon-Parma, youngest brother of Empress Zita, to his wife Princess Margarete of Thurn und Taxis. They had 1 child, Princess Diana, who died in 2020 so I suspect that all the jewels up for auction were left to one of her 3 kids.
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