The Travelling Diana Exhibition from Althorp

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windsorbride1. That you for all your information on the exhibition. I get to see the exhibition in Nov. called Diana, a Celebration. This exhibition is coming to my hometown. I can not wait.:flowers:
Thank you gfg02. I live in GR and will go to the exhibit.:flowers:
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Going to go in Nov. Will tell you all about it. I really want to see her wedding dress. I am interested in the material. It seems so beautiful in all the photos of it.
I really wish they would come to New York.
This Sunday in Grand Rapids, MI, the English music director for special events of the BRF is giving a performance of music from Diana, Princess of Wales wedding and funeral.
Monday the exhibit is having a special opening for Diana a Celebration in Grand Rapids, MI. They are recreating the wedding cake. I go to the exhibit in two weeks. I hope the gift shop has some interesting items to buy.:flowers:
Big article in the GR press about the handling of Princess Diana's wedding dress. It sure looks beautiful in the photo. I can not believe the dress is 29 years old.:flowers:
Can you provide the link Georgiea?

I wonder when the exhibition will come to Washington, DC?
Can you provide the link Georgiea?

Princess Diana's wedding gown, 'most famous dress in the world,' unpacked at Grand Rapids Art Museum (photos, video) |

Photos: Replica of 1981 royal wedding cake created for upcoming Princess Diana exhibit in Grand Rapids |

I get the newspaper and the photo of the wedding dress was better illustrated.:flowers:

After I see the exhibit I will go to the hotel down the street selling pieces of C&D wedding cake that was made to exact recipe. I think that will end the day of Princess Diana memories nicely. Just love the small American city that I live in.:flowers:
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I saw an article on a tiara of Diana's that was unveiled. It was beautiful but i've never seen her wear it before. Any information on it?
The exhibit is showing a Spencer tiara. Maybe that's the tiara.:flowers:
Mmmh, didn't know that figured maybe it was a gift that was never worn or something. Oh well....
Just came from the Diana, A Celebration exhibit. It was very moving to be near Princess Diana's belongings.

A Spencer tiara was at the very beginning of the exhibit (It was so bright with all the diamonds), then information on past, famous, Spencer women like Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire and Princess Diana's paternal grandmother that Diana looked like and acted like in charity pursuits.

Then her personal belongings. One in particular got my interest. It was a pastel sketch of Diana's favorite pet, Marmalade the orange striped cat. It was stated that Marmalade is buried on the isle with the Princess. I am glad about that. I hated the thought that she was buried alone there. Now at least there is a pet she loved with her.

Then the wedding room with the bridal dress and a film of the wedding and kiss on the balcony. The Spencer tiara, umbrella, shoes and purse all with the gown. Next the room with some beautifully designer dresses and gowns that the Princess wore. Many Catherine Walker dresses-beautiful and my favorite, the Channel dress. I just love Channel. Then came her charity work and room with a film on her funeral. In front of the film was dried flowers in pieces from the crowd's tribute flowers in front of KP. At the end there were knick knacks that you could buy in memory Diana, Princess of Wales. I bought the book on the exhibit.

Then we went to the Amway hotel's restaurant that displayed the Wales' wedding cake and had a piece of the wedding cake. It was very tasty traditional English fruit and icing cake.

I feel so honored to have this exhibit in my small city. Pam DeVos talked to Earl Spencer to have her foundation host it here in Grand Rapids, MI.
I always dreamed that some day I would go to Britain and hopefully I will.
But for now, I got to see a little bit of Diana, Princess of Wales' life.:flowers:
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Ooooh, I really should head up to Grand Rapids to see that exhibit! I do have to stay overnight in Michigan at some point on my way to see family at Christmas.
Ooooh, I really should head up to Grand Rapids to see that exhibit! I do have to stay overnight in Michigan at some point on my way to see family at Christmas.

Definitely go Thena. To get a ticket from the exhibit. Go to website for the Grand Rapids Art Museum.:flowers:
Thank you for posting the description. It sounds wonderful.
Earl Spencer is coming to talk at the Princess Diana exhibit in Grand Rapids, Michigan in January.:flowers:
Earl Spencer is here in Grand Rapids, Midhigan today for the exhibit, Diana a Celebration.

Grand Rapids, Michigan has a children hospital moving to their new state-of-the-art building near the exhibit. Earl Spencer went to the hospital. Our TV news got him to express his view. He approved of the children hospital and knows his sister would have love this facility. He also stated that this opening of a new children hospital was appropriate to happen during the exhibit honoring Diana's life, because her greatest cause was for children. :flowers:
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